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"Aside from the stunning photography (both food and travel and still life), aside from the beautifully written, thoughtful and thought-provoking posts, Rosa is a ultra-talented cook and baker, taking us on a voyage to places unknown, highlighting foods and dishes from around the world as well as her own home."
- Jamie Schler at "Life's A Feast"
"She is not kidding about the Yum Yum factor.
If you have not been to her blog, I can hardly believe it.
She is a Daring Baker extraordinaire and loves eating it up in Switzerland!
Rosa is one of those bloggers who is extremely professional - her posts are always informative and her goodies delectable!
Plus she also does Weekend Cat Blogging, which is just way to much fun!
When you want a treat, go check out Rosa’s offerings!"

- Jenn at "The Left Over Queen"
Hi Dear Reader,

My name is Rosa, the creator of Rosa’s Yummy Yums. I live in a small Geneva countryside village situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland – a few meters away from the French border. I’m an Anglo-Swiss food enthusiast who loves photography (in general), loud rock or electronic music, independent and Scandanavian (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) movies, art, walks in the countryside, meeting interesting people, books and cats.

As you can imagine, I am very passionate about cooking/baking as well as picture taking and can spend hours surfing the net for inspiration, reading blogs, creating dishes, testing new recipes, shooting images or going through cookbooks and magazines.

I am crazy about flavorful and soul-uplifting grubs, spices and yummy textures, therefore I’m particularly fond of British, Asian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, South American, Middle Eastern delights as well as regional and traditional Swiss specialties.

Furthermore, I only believe in preparing quality food with local and seasonal produce and hate anything too industrial; buying convenience or junk food would be a total heresy and a blasphemy! Thus, I am strongly convinced that the best tasting dishes are homemade, cooked with love and much caring, because those are the meals which we will remember our whole life long.

One must respect food, himself/herself and the others in order to cook in a harmonious way…

Special mentions and appearances:
. "Foodblog Of The Week", Gourmet Live (USA)
. "Sites We Love", Saveur (USA)
. Interview on BIZYMOMS.COM (USA)
. Interview on Food Lovers (USA)
. Article and recipe published on Love Feast Table (USA)
. Featured website on Common Kitchen (USA)
. "Le Fouet Et La Souris", Le Temps (Switzerland)
. Interview on 750g (France)
. "Tous Les Blogs De Cuisine", Larousse Cuisine (France)

© 2013 Rosa Mayland - All content on this site is copyrighted. Please ask before you intend to use.

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