Thursday, August 31, 2006


Ajvar Dip (Home Recipe)
Anchovy Pesto (Italy)
Apricot Coulis (Home Recipe)
Baba Ganoush (Lebanon)
Baingan Bharta - Smoky Mashed Eggplant (India)
Banana Ketchup (USA)

Butterscotch Sauce (England)
Cherry Tomato, Dried Chilli & Hibiscus Salsa (Mexico)

Daikon Kimchi (Korea/Home Recipe)
Eggplant Pesto (Italy/USA)
Egyptian Dukkah (Egypt)
Berbere Spice Blend (Ethiopia)
Farofa Amarela (Brazil/South America)
Feta, Almond & Cilantro Pesto (Home Recipe)
Greek Tzatziki (Greece)
Guacamole (Mexico/USA)
Hummus (Middle Eastern)
Kipper Rillettes (Home Recipe/France)
Lemon Parmesan Dip (England)
Mincemeat (England)
Mojo Verde (Canary Islands, Spain)

Multi-Purpose Quark And Zucchini Sauce (Home Recipe)
Potato Crisps (Europe & USA)
Quick Tomato Sauce For Pizza (Home Recipe)
Raw Tomato Sauce (Home Recipe/Italy)
Roasted Onion Gravy (England)
Roasted Red Bell Pepper & Refried Bean Dip (Home Recipe)
Salsa De Mani (Ecuador/Peru)

Spice Up Your Dishes With Flavored Salts
Super Tasty Caramelized Onions (USA)
Thai Yellow Curry Paste (Thailand)
Tomato Salsa (Mexico/USA)
Walnut And Ricotta Pesto (Italy/USA)

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