Sunday, August 27, 2006


Once again, on the occasion of our WCB round-up, Clare at Eat Stuff is unfortunately absent, but the sweet Boo_licous at Masak Masak will host this weekend's event...

Thanks for making it possible!

That's Maruschka at her sweetest!
She loves to lie on our cat friendly bed (prepared for the occasion) and get her tummy rubbed. She is so lazy that even the flies don't make her eyebrows twitch...
I love her sweetiepie face shaped like a heart and her loving soul!
Isn't she a real cuddly "bear"?


  1. that is a super sweet picture of maruschka. she looks like such the little snuggle bunny. how nice that must be to come home too :)

  2. Awww, so cute! I want to give her a tummy rub too.

  3. Awww, that is the cutest! I want to give her a tummy rub too.

  4. She's a very pretty black cat!

  5. Hi Rosa,
    I agree - Maruschka is so lovable. She does have a beautiful face and looks so snug laying on her bed. Thanks for posting. I do look forward to WCB and Maruschka-That pretty name sounds Russian. Is it?

  6. She looks like one content cat! So pretty.

  7. It's moments like this that I call my cats their sappiest nicknames!

  8. she looks so sweet, I love her eyes :-)
    the book will "take off" tomorrow night by the Paris plane....compte une semaine !!!

  9. Après un week end super fatigant ,je ferai bien comme ce chat....bonne semaine

  10. Aria: Thanks! I love this term: "snuggle bunny"; it's so sweet and it's appropriate when speaking of our lovely Muschki! It is always nice to see them when coming back home...

    SHER: Thanks, Sher! Maruschka send you her regards ;-)...

    BOO_LICIOUS: Thanks! She's waiting for you, then...

    JELLY: Thanks ;-)!

    BONNIE LOVES CATS: Thanks, Bonnie! I'm so happy that you like Maruschka. She is a sweet little darling... Maruschka is a Russian name, but that's the German version of this name.

    D: She is very content, well I do hope so ;-)! Thanks!

    SHANNON: We too and they both have a multitude of "stupid" nicknames we love to use!!!..........

    BRIGITTE: Thanks, Brigitte ;-)!!!

    COLETTE: Merci, Colette. Oui, les chats ont de la chance!