Monday, August 14, 2006


I had been searching for "Pandan Aroma" since long without ever beeing successful in my quest. That's when Puspha of the highly interesting "Pusiva's Culinary Studio" gave me the address (many thanks!) of a Swiss mailorder service dealing with Indonesian product...

The name of this mailorder is "Pasar Indonesia" (see link) which, if I'm not wrong, means "Indonesian Market". It exists since April 1999 and is already well-known whether it is here in Switzerland or in the neighbouring countries...

This mailorder offers a choice of different products hailing from Indonesia. There, you will find goodies such as "Black Glutinous Rice", "Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce)", "Sambal (chilli sauce)", "Gula Kelapa (palm sugar), "Nangka Aroma Pasta (jackfruit aroma)" and other products such as noodles, rices, sauces, spices, snacks, baking ingredients, drinks, etc...

Their site is quite clear and in German or Indonesian language, their array of products is maybe not too vast (medium), but they do have a neat choice of items from which it is always possible to find something interesting. Regarding their prices, none of them are overdone and everything is relatively cheap. Their service is very good, friendly, efficient and very fast; I received my food two days after having ordered (the order was sent on Monday and the parcel came on Wednesday)!

All in all, I was very satisfied by the quality of the service and the products I bought, so, in the near future, I would undoubtedly consider ordering again other products whenever I am missing something in my kitchen...

What I ordered (from left to right):

1. Ground white galangal (Laos Bubuk).
2. Candlenuts (Kemiri).
3. Cream of tartar.
4. Balck glutinous rice (Beras Ketan Hitam).
5. Coconut and pandan aroma paste (Aroma Pasta Cocopandan).
6. Jackfruit aroma paste (Aroma Pasta Nangka).
7. Pandan aroma paste (Aroma Pasta Pandan).

Pasar Indonesia Versand
Grenzweg 9
4322 Mumf
Tel: +41 (0) 61/ 861 01 51


  1. Il vaut mieux avoir quelques notions d'allemand pour savoir ce qu'on commande.
    Genial il y a meme les melanges pour faire des gateaux pandan :-) amusant, on dirait les emballages de DrOetker a la mode indonesienne.

  2. Thank goodness for the internet! What did we do without it? It was a much larger world, eh! Can't wait to see what you cook up.

  3. WOW!!!! U did really buy them. Btw, glutinous rice, both black & white & candlenuts are available in local asian shops. Anyway, thanx for the mention.

    May I ask u wer do u originate from? Just curious. :o)

  4. Merci d'être venue chez moi, mon
    Anglais n'étant pas parefait, je te lis mais je ne laisse jamais de commentaire. A demain.

  5. TEXMEX: Oui, mais certaines marchandises ont une traduction en anglais... J'ai vu ces mélanges. Cool! Ils ressemblent aux emballages Dr Oeteker, c'est vrai!!! Je pense qu'ils ont copié la marque...

    ROSA: Yes, what did we do when internet didn't exist?! It is true, the world was a lot vaster ;-). Thanks, I'll see what I'll post...

    PUSPHA: Yes, I did buy them and I'm VERY happy! I love pandanus so much. Thanks, I know that black glutinous rice and white glutinous rice (I've already bought those in Geneva) can be found in Asian store, but I don't think that I've seen candlenuts. Maybe I didn't look very well, since those supermarket are crammed with goods!!!

    Yes, sure. I'm half Swiss and English. I was born in Geneva and lived there all my life. And what about you? I've guessed that you are from Malaysia, but what are your origins?...

    MAMINA: Merci aussi pour ta visite! Ce n'est pas grave si ton anglais n'est pas parfait. Tu peux aussi très bien laisser des messages en français...

  6. Gee thanx. Well, I'm a Malaysian of Indian origin. My ancestors originated from South India. They migrated to M'sia during the colonial period, some 100 yrs ago.

  7. PUSPHA: That's very interesting... Being of Indian descent, do you feel more Malaysian or Indian? I know that M'sia is ethnically very rich...
    How did you get to live in Switzerland (if I may ask) and what do you think of this country?...

  8. Hi Rosa!
    I happen to find your blog when looking for the Swiss-Indonesian community site.
    I like the pandan very much, so on my last trip to Indonesia I brought back some small pandan plants which have grown so I have fresh supply of pandan leaves whenever I need them. Now they produce some small plants which I share with some friends. Contact me if you want a plant, all it needs is regular watering and sunshine. Regards, Diana

  9. DIANA: Thanks for passing by! Yes, pandan tastes great! That would be interesting! How much do you charge for one? Kind regards...

  10. Hi Rosa, since several weeks I've been trying to answer you but it was really impossible to post any comment. I'll see if it can pass this time. Well, I don't charge anything for the pandan plant. The only problem is I live in Valais and you'll have to visit us here once, why not combine it with a skiing trip? By the way, last week I visited Geneva and found fresh pandan leaves in a Vietnamian shop;Thu Hang,rue de Monthoux 52,in front of Cornavin, it's opened on Sunday, close on Monday.Best regards, Diana

  11. DIANA: Thanks for the message! I'm sorry you could not post any until now (in case, my e-mail is grandchamp AT gmx DOT ch)... Thanks for the proposition. Unfortunately, we rarely travel anywhere (for financial reasons), so I can't say if we'll ever be able to go to Valais in the near future. On the other hand, if you come to Geneva, feel free to contact me! Yes, I know this great store...

    Kind regards,


  12. Hi Rosa,
    I do understand.Transportation is surely a problem. Gasoline is cheaper now but still I dislike driving until Geneva because of the difficulty to find parking, and train trip costs a lot too. Anyway, next time I'll contact you before I come. Best regards, Diana

  13. DIANA: Yes, gasoline is cheaper, but I don't have a car ;-P... Yes, try contacting me next time you come to Geneva! Thanks and kind regards, Rosa