Friday, August 18, 2006


We love to go out for walks around our place... In the evening the countryside can be so beautiful and peaceful when the sun is setting. A real treat for the eyes and the soul!!!

Those pictures were taken just 10 minutes away from our home, when going down in the direction of our beautiful "Path" and the "Path To Paradise" that we love so much...

A view of the Salève bathed in a magnificent red light...
The sun is disappearing, thus leaving the countryside looking eerily dreamlike...


  1. so nice sunset, mother nature is generous in your corner of the word.

  2. You've actually been there? wow....
    Too bad these places are only worth seeing in person.. Actually no, it's not that bad, it gives one a good motivation to move ! Well you got me there

  3. Une petite place for me....!!!

  4. Every pic is like the most pretty postcard , thanks for sharing ;)

  5. This is the most byootiful parudise I have ever seen!

  6. BRIGITTE: Yes, indeed! Thanks for passing by...

    ORE: Yes, I do go there regularly... Did you go there? Thanks for the visit!

    COLETTE: IL y en a même beaucoup!!!

    CHANIT: Your comment has warmed my heart; you are so kind! I'm very happy to see that you find my pictures to your taste...

    SKEEEEEZIX THE CAT: Thanks for the visit and the kind comment!