Thursday, August 24, 2006


From our two bedrooms facing the Jura mountains, we experience memorable sunsets that can be quite stunning. I just can't stop admiring the fantastic view we have and taking pictures of what we see!!!

Those pomegranate skies are just wonderful, don't you find?...

No comments are needed...


  1. Superbes, merci! Tu sais, c'est drole, ce matin en conduisant pour aller a la gare il y avait un ciel d'une luminosite extraordinaire, j'ai pense a toi et a tes photos de ciel - il faut vraiment que j'emporte mon appareil photo le matin.

  2. Quelques fois, le ciel est très beau, même dans le Berry, malheureusement je n'ai jamais mon appareil photo.

  3. No, there's definately no comments needed. I think I would just stay in bed waiting for the next. . . (grin).

  4. I like those purple skys with the red and orange(like fire).. here we have them in black only ;)

  5. GRACIANNE: Merci beaucoup! Oui, ça serait intéressant de voir tes ciels!...

    MAMINA: Le ciel est beau partout, il suffit seulement de l'observer...

    ELVIRA: Merci, Elvira!

    ROSA: He, he, he ;-)))! So, when are you going to show us your skies?!

    CHANIT: Many thanks, Chanit! Here, they tend to look fiery, but the clouds in my head are not always as bright and yours are even darker :-/...