Friday, April 21, 2006


Many of you thought it was a spoon and I must say that logically you were not really wrong, but you had still not found which use it had!

Pamela, San Des Frangines (I guess since you are Swiss) and Tania knew what it was : a sieve/spatula used for making Spätzlis (see recipe and explanations), our Swiss traditional "pastas"....

Firstly, the batter is pushed through the holes of the sieve into boiling water and cooked for a few minutes.

Then, the Spätzlis are recuperated thanks to the spatula/sieve....

(Spätzli -Pic by
(Spätzli Spatula -Pic 2 & 3 by


  1. hi rosa, this is the first time I've seen a Spatzlis slotted spoon and how it's used - very educational indeed :)

  2. I've never seen one of those before.

    Those spätzlis look really good

  3. SALWA: ;-))...

    EATZYCATH: I'm happy to hear that you learnt something new through my site :-)!

    PAMELA: Yeah, this slotted spoon gives really nice looking Spätzlis. I had another instrument before and I didn't like the shape of the Spätzlis which it made, so I'm very happy with this one...

  4. Very interesting! I wouldn't have guesse the right answer. ;-)


  5. I have always wanted to make my own at least once.

  6. PUSPHA: It's really easy to make and you'll find them better than bought ones, believe me! And there are so many different ways to prepare them (sweet or savory)...