Thursday, August 17, 2006


A few months ago, I bought "The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion: The All-Purpose Baking Cookbook" that the sweet Ivonne of "Cream Puffs In Venice" from Canada had warmly recommended me to buy. I was not decieved by this superb cookbook and wish to thank her very warmly for the recommendation...

"The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion: The All-purpose Baking Cookbook" by King Arthur Flour
640 pages, Countryman Press

Needless to say that I was very fastly taken away by this great baking bible chock-a-block full with great technical and complete explanations, detailed informations and superbly yummy recipes! This cookbook is a most have for all the people who LOVE baking and want to learn all the little tricks that make a baked good look and taste perfect...

Everything you need is in this thourough book dedicated to the home cook whether she/he is an accomplished baker or just beginner without much experience! You'll find recipes covering the whole baking spectrum (breakfast, fried doughs, quick breads, buckles/cobblers/crisps, crackers and flatbreads, yeast breads, sourdough breads, cookies and bars, cakes, pies/tarts/quiches, pastry/viennoiserie, etc...). It is a real baking manual that will keep you stuck in your kitchen baking for hours, mesmerized by this volume's tantalizing recipes!!!

This extremely practical book crammed with hundreds of ideas should be found on the counter of every kitchen no matter where you live (it's an American book that you be used anywhere in the world)! It is so impressive that if you don't own a copy of this book, you should order your copy now, otherwise you will be missing an awesome cookbook that could be your faithful companion for the years to come!!!...

I call such kinds of books "inheritance" cookbooks as you could easily pass it from one generation to another without it being unnecessary as it is what any (student) baker should use and need in order to perfect her/his baking! Within it's pages lies a priceless treasure...

I simply LOVE it!

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  1. Tu es partie pour des heures de plaisir on dirait.

  2. Rosa,

    I am so glad that you discovered this lovely cookbook! You will see that it will give you countless ideas for all sorts of baking goodies.


  3. Voilà un roi bien intéressant.

  4. Quelques tout y est...!Merci pour ta visite.

  5. Chouette! Je sens que l'on va avoir droit à de jolies choses! :-)

  6. Hmmm, I think I have a smaller version of that somewhere. Now, I just wonder where!! I picked it up at some Southern convention thingy.

  7. GRACIANNE: Oui, tu as tout à fait raison!!!

    IVONNE: It has already given me ideas and I have already tested a few recipes that I loved! Thanks again for the precious help...

    MAMINA: Ce roi est effectivement très très intéressant ;-)!

    COLETTE: Il semble qu'il soit très complet...

    ELVIRA: Oui, et les recettes vont arriver sous peu ;-)!!!

    ROSA: If you have a cookbook by "The King Arthur Flour", then I recommend you to find it QUICKLY!!! KAF books are just great...

  8. Hi Rosa,
    Reading this post made me think about the book Best Recipe-- do you have it? It's not simply for baking, but it's truly comprehensive, by the editors of Cooks and Gourmet magazine... what I really love about it is they go through all the possible ways people make the recipe, and tell you why the one the chose produced the best result (i.e. for french toast, 3 eggs is too soggy, 1/2 cup milk doesn't coat the bread, nutmeg is overwhelming, etc.)
    Really great, especially if you love learning about the chemistry of food and really want the "best recipe!"
    when I make things from this book, people adore them. happy cooking!

  9. JESS: No, I don't. That book sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out soon... I love such kinds of informative cookbooks!

  10. Dear Rosa,
    I love your blog and I like to browse your recipes while listening to music.

    You have an advert. which starts playing music on every page I visit. This drowns my music and the race I have to turn it off before it detracts from your blog or gets mixed into my music irritates me.

    I love your blog, but hate this music ad.


  11. DEAR PETE,
    Thanky ou for your message and for visiting my blog! I am glad you like my work.
    I am ever so sorry to hear that my music irritates you, but unfortunately I can only recommend you to either turn off your music while on Rosa's Yummy Yums or turn off the volume of your computer (or press on pause on my player). ;-P
    Kind regards,
    Rosa xxx