Sunday, August 6, 2006


This weekend is the 60th WCB and as usual we are all invited to send our kitty pictures for the weekly round-up that Clare organises...

Kiki (Fridolin) is a very special cat with noble and king-like manners. He likes to play the master ruling over our living room and sit on his tree like a "Herr Kontrollator" (Mr. Controller) who sees everything!!!
Have you seen the state of the cat tree? I wonder when this part will just desolidarize itself from the rest of the tree!...

You will also find those pictures as well as others on the great Eat Stuff blog from Sydney, Australia where you can discover Kiri's weekly pictures... If you also want to participate to Weekend Cat Blogging, then just leave your blog name, URL and permalink in a comment on Clare and Casey's site.


  1. there he is! if cats are king of the jungle, it makes sense that fridolin is king of your living room. he looks just right for the job! very regal :)

  2. Why goodness yes!!! I can see that he is very much in control of his domain!! He looks so handsome!

  3. Kiki does look very regal, sitting on his "throne". He has very beautiful markings. He and Tiggy both look like tigers!

  4. Quelle grâce ce chat..Good day

  5. Hail King Fridolin! He does look like my own King Kits.

  6. What a beauty. He is very regal. His fur looks so soft...looks like you've made him an excellent treehouse!

  7. Your Majesty, Sir Kiri,
    You look very much like the Monarch you are. Your subjects have honored you with a very royal tree condo. You reign over your living room empire with dignity. If you would allow me to comment further, please look after your humans, and we hope to hear more from you next weekend.
    Bonnie in Virginia

  8. ARIA: Thanks! Yes, cats love to be kings/queens and it is as if your own home becomes theirs! In fact they just tolerate you there, ha, ha...

    SHER: Many thanks, Sher! He is indeed very handsome, a real playboy!!!

    SWEETSARAHJ: Thanks for the nice comment regarding Kiki! Tiggy and Fridolin should be friends...

    COLETTE: Merci, Colette!

    BOO_LICIOUS: The King sends you and your cats his best regards!...

    LISA: Many thanks, Lisa! His fur is very soft, healthy and thick. In fact, their tree was a kit, but they seem to love it...

    BONNIE LOVES CATS: Dear Bonnie,
    His Majesty, the King "Kiki Der Dritte" thanks you for this kind comment! I am a Monarch reigning sovereignly over my kingdom and I promise that those humans are treated with much love, although I like to tease them and drive them bananas when I decide to play with them (and their nerves)!!!
    Sir King Fridolin of the province of "Living Room", Switzerland