Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As most of you must already know, our fellow Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday the 27nd of November 2008.

It is a good occasion for all the non-American people around the world to discover a different tradition as well as for all of us food addicts to rejoice at the prospect of collecting many scrumptious recipes which might be very useful for our Christmas and New Year meals (or any time of the year)!

In order to help you choose a dish or find a menu idea, I have compiled a few interesting links and recipes specially for you. I'm pretty sure that during those festivities, you surely don't want to be haunted by nightmares or depressed and stressed while anticipating all the cooking or baking you'll have to do! Well, here's what might calm you down and make it all a little smoother...

My recipes for Thanksgiving:
Almond And Curry Bread (see recipe)
American Pancakes (see recipe)
Apple And Cheddar Quiche (see recipe)
Apple Latkes (see recipe)
Bagels (see recipe)
Banana Bread Pudding (see recipe)
Banana Walnut Bread (see recipe)
Bostoni Cream Pie (see recipe)
Cantuccini (see recipe)
Caribbean Banana Soup (see recipe)

Challah Bread (see recipe)
Chestnut Jam Bites (see recipe)
Chocolate Mousse (see recipe)
Chocolate Walnut Fudge (see recipe)
Chopped Liver (see recipe)
Cinnamon, Chestnut & Persimmon Muffins (see recipe)
Cinnamon Granola (see recipe)
Corned Beef Scrapple Or Ponhaws (see recipe)
Deadly Blondies (see recipe)
Dream Bars (see recipe)
Festive Challah (see recipe)
Fragrant Swedish Rye Bread (see recipe)
Greek Lemon Roasted Potatoes (see recipe)
Greek Pork Stew With Quinces (see recipe)
Hazelnut Cake (see recipe)
Hazelnut Nougatine (see recipe)
Honey Cinnamon Graham Crackers (see recipe)
Italianesque Meatloaf (see recipe)
Kriegskuchen - "War Cake" (see recipe)
Lump Egg Pasta With Saffron Sauce (see recipe)
Luscious Pumpkin Jam (see recipe)
Maluns (see recipe)
Maple Glazed Brussel Sprouts And Potatoes (see recipe)
Moroccan Dry Fruit Truffles (see recipe)
Orange Cornmeal Cake (see recipe)
Panettone (see recipe)
Parsnip Puree (see recipe)
Party Bread (see recipe)

Perfect Party Cake (see recipe)
Pfeffernüsse Cookies (see recipe)
Plain White Bread (see recipe)
Potatoes Baked With Parmiggiano (see recipe)
Potato Crisps (see recipe)
Potato Kugel (see recipe)
Pumpkin Apple Bread (see recipe)
Pumpkin Bread Pudding With Caramel Sauce (see recipe)
Pumpkin Challah (see recipe)
Pumpkin Latkes (see recipe)
Pumpkin Muffins (see recipe)
Pumpkin Pasta Bake With Speck (see recipe)
Pumpkin Pie (see recipe)
Roasted Onion Gravy (see recipe)
Rosemary And Vinefruit Bloomer (see recipe)
Raisin Scones (see recipe)
Roasted Onion Gravy (see recipe)
Roasted Pumpkin & Bell pepper Salad (see recipe)
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels (see recipe)
Spätzlis (see recipe)
Spicy Roasted Chickpeas (see link)
Stir-Fried Matzah Balls With Bell Peppers (see recipe)
Super Tasty Caramelized Onions (see recipe)
Sweet And savory Meatball (see link)
Sweet Plantains (see recipe)
Swiss Quark Cheese Tart (see recipe)
Tex Mex Cornmeal Bread (see recipe)
Toad In The Hole (see recipe)
Tiny Curry Scones (see recipe)
Warm Beetroot With Sour Cream (see recipe)
Zimtsterne Cookies (see recipe)

Interesting links:
All Recipes (see link)
Bon Appétit (see link)
Epicurious (see link)
Foodnetwork (see link)
Food & Wine (see link) (see link)
Recipezaar (see link)



  1. A wonderfully eclectic set of suggestions Rosa! Thank you for this selection. :-) I particularly liked the Chestnut Jam Bites as I made something similar today, though it is a Greek recipe.

    Happy Thanksgiving for our American friends!

  2. merci rosa pour toutes ces idées! et happy thanksgiving!

  3. Merci à toi encore. Et merci pour tes photos superbes comme d'habitude.

  4. OOooh ! Que de recettes !
    Bon Thanksgiving si tu le fetes !

  5. Hi Rosa wow I'm blown away with all those scrummy foods/bakes you have listed. I agree also with you for all the non-American people to discover a different tradition and great foods.

    Rosie x

  6. Wow, a plethora of amazing-look recipes! Thanks Rosa and happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Thank you SO much for this list! I don't know which one to try first!

  8. chère Rosa,tu donnes le goût de fêter la Thanksgiving;)


  9. Dis donc cette récap est impressionnante!!!!

  10. Wow so many yummy collection of recipes.

  11. Tes photos sont superbes !
    Bon Thanksgiving !

  12. Wow, what a selection!
    happy Thanksgiving to you Rosa, and thanks for the music, it's nice to visit here.

  13. your pictures are just so awesome... very lovely... your recipes, wish i have a magic wand to cook everyone of them... :)

  14. Tes photos sur la nature sont très belles. Tu sais bien les mettre en valeur et nous intéresser à ces feuilles que l'on prend pas le temps de regarder en temps ordinaire.
    Bon mercredi, Doria

  15. Merci à toi Rosa de nous offrir de si jolies photos :)
    Bon mercredi!!

  16. on n'est pas obligé de tout manger??
    thank for giving so much....


    That is really good lists you provide for us. So many choices, I am already actually plan to make your noodle kugel, which by the way seem much more delicious then the original "Joan Nathan" version.

    The Panetonne look very tempting as well, I might try to make this for christmas.

    This year my thanksgiving will be a bit challenging since my father in law is going celebrating with us. Everything have to be kosher, and have to be careful in the process of cooking too. You know what I mean!

    Anyway, I just got up and don't want to think too much about it, plus it will make my head spinning. Just going to enjoy my coffee, and the bread that I made yesterday.

  18. Pretty pictures!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends. You have given them something to think about with lots of suggestions:D

  20. What great ideas you have here. I am eyeing that parsnip puree. I have been meaning to try some sort of root-vegetable puree and I can think of no better holiday than Thanksgiving to give it a go. Yum!

  21. Un sacré récapitulatif qui me donne plein de bonnes idées pour Thanksgiving. Merci!

  22. wahouuuu, quelles belles photos, les couleurs sont super vives...


  23. What a lovely list of suggestions, I am sure our American friends will enjoy them. Your pictures are very lovely. Are those cranberries?

  24. IVY: Thanks! I hope they'll like it...

    No they are not cranberries (some kind of poisonous fruit on a decorative bush). Unfortunately, they don't grow here...

  25. You have so many recipes for Thanksgiving!!!! And all of them are perfect!!!

    Joyeuse Fête de l'action de grâces!

  26. Bonsoir Rosa!!!! Tes photos sont très très belles et évocatrices de la saison où nous sommes!!!Bises.

  27. What a collection!
    Happy Thanksgiving !

  28. ça donne envie de fêter thanksgiving !!

  29. Tes photos sont magnifiques et peut etre irais je me balader un peu avant de faire le pumpkin pie de ce soir! Pas de dinde parce que sinon on ne pourrait pas la finir... et surtout maintenant que je suis vegetarienne.

  30. what a diversity ! ein schönes Fest wünscht Robert

  31. what a great idea!! and lovely photos too!

  32. BOnjour Rosa,
    C'st pas le choix qui manque chez toi...merci pour tes suggestions et Happy thanksgiving!!!

  33. Spoilt for choice - we'll have to work our way down your list...great eclectic choice, somethong for everyone. Thanks for the links too...
    Happy Thanksgiving..:)

  34. Wow, that's a long list. Thanks for sharing. I guess it will give me some idea what to prepare for Xmas as well. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Btw, what did you prepare for thanksgiving?

  35. Wow, that's a long list. Thanks for sharing. I guess it will give me some idea what to prepare for Xmas as well. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Btw, what did you prepare for thanksgiving?

  36. CUTIE: You are welcome! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! As it's a normal week day and I'm not American, I'll prepare nothing special, but I'll have a thought for those of you who'll be feasting...

  37. et bien avec tout ces recettes plus aucune excuses pour pas cuisiner américain !Bises

  38. Ben ils ont le choix! Une belle compil'

  39. Wow, what a great variety you're oferring, how thoughtful of you!

  40. Merci Rosa pour cette superbe sélection, cela fait plein d'idées à explorer! Et j'aime beaucoup tes photos d'automne!

  41. C'est toute une belle sélection de recettes que tu nous offres.
    Merci beaucoup pour les idées!

  42. What are you thankful for?
    C'est ce qu'on dit pour l'occasion non? Je suis nulle en anglais :(

    Happy Thanksgiving !

  43. les photos sont magnifiques! et les recettes ont l'air délicieuses aussi!

  44. MELANIE: C'est correct! Merci! Je suis reconnaissante pour beaucoup de choses (un toit, de la nourriture, un copain qui me soutient, 2 chats adorables, etc...).

  45. Un beau recap d'idées pour les fêtes!

  46. Thank you for the Thanksgiving note on my blog! Thanksgiving is the most special holiday in the USA, in my opinion. I love your long list of recipes! We spent the day celebrating over dinner with many friends, and it was lovely.

  47. wow - that's a whole lotta links and recipes - you must have taken a lot of time to create this compilation. Nice going!