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Those „Farmers' pastas“ are a typical Swiss-German ( eastern switzerland) speciality which is somehow comparable to the German or Alsacian “SPÄTZLE” (both being chunky and basic types of “pastas”); the main difference residing in their shape ("SPÄTZLE" are very long and thin, "SPÄTZLIS" are small and rather thick . Originally, they were meant to give a sufficiently nourishing meal for the countryside people who worked hard and had only simple goods/ingredients (milk, flour, eggs, etc…) to cook with.

“SPÄTZLIS” are now very well spread in Switzerland and the original recipe has since long been adapted to our modern needs and tastes.

“SPÄTZLIS” is one of my favorite Swiss dishes as it’s simple to make and so delicious!!! I especially recommend you to eat this tasty and hearty speciality during grey Winter days when you are in need for comfort food, while cocooning at home…

Basic recipe for 4 people

400g Plain white flour
200g Durum flour (“semolina di grano duro”)
150 ml Milk
150 ml Water
6 Eggs (~50g each)
2Tsp Salt
1. Mix the flours and salt together in a bowl.
2. Whisk the eggs together with the milk and water.
3. Pour the egg/milk/water mixture into the bowl containing the flours and salt. Beat well until the pastry is shiny and makes bubbles.
4. Cover the bowl and reserve at room temperature for around half an hour.
5. Put water to boil (3 liters minimum) and add a tablespoon salt.
6. Once the water is boiling, bring the heat down and let the water simmer gently.
7. Sieve the pastry into the boiling water (through a medium-holed sieve) helping yourself with a spatula. Proceed in batches.
8. When the “SPÄTZLIS” are floating on the surface of the water, take them out with a perforated skimmer.
9. Place the cooked “SPÄTZLIS” in a heatproof bowl or dish and keep warm.
The pastry should not be too runny; it should be thickish and viscous. Your arm should ache while beating the mixture.
Once the “SPÄTZLIS” have been cooked, you can add a little butter (stops them from sticking together).
You could also incorporate spices/ingredients (cheese, garlic powder, ground meat, etc…) in the pastry as long as it’s consistency is still correct.Serving suggestions:"SPÄTZLIS" are widely appreciated as an accompaniment (side dish) to wild meat/venison served with chestnuts and cranberry jam.
They are also fine when spiced up (curry powder, garlic powder,tomatoe purée, pesto, etc…), enriched (cheese, dry meat, spinach, etc…) or prepared as a sweet dish.
You could also incorporate spices/ingredients (cheese, garlic powder, ground meat, etc…) in the pastry as long as it’s consistency is still correct. They can be used in the same way as pastas or as the main ingredient in an oven-baked gratin, and can be eaten either “al-dente” or slightly fried in butter until nice and golden.

If you can’t get any durum flour for the confection of your “SPÄTZLIS”, here’s another recipe…


300g Plain white flour
200ml Milk
200ml water
4 eggs
2 Tsp Salt

Proceed in the same way as with the recipe above, but don’t forget that the milk, egg and water mixture should not be over 600ml.

Soon, I’ll share with you the sweet “SPÄTZLIS” version. For now, I guess you have enough experiencing to do in order to keep youself occupied!...

(Spätzlis -Pic 1 by Rosa @Rosa's Yummy Yums)

(Spätzlis With St Augur Cheese -Pic 2 by Rosa @Rosa's Yummy Yums)


  1. I love cheese.. you have lots of nice cheese pictures..

  2. C'est vraiment très bon, ça. J'adore!

  3. These look excellent Rosa!

  4. Thanks for all of you nice comments!

  5. Rosa, thanks for dropping by my blog. I love spatzle so your recipe will come handy.

  6. ça y est, je viens de craquer, le facteur m'a livré la machine à trous spéciale pour faire ce délicieux plat,introuvable dans le sud ouest de la France.

  7. MAMAPASTA: Je suis contente pour toi! Enfin, tu pourras découvrir les joies de la fabrication de cette spécialité si délicieuse! Bien du plaisir, alors...

  8. Wow, this brings back memories. I have spent time working in both Winterthur and Zurich and have very fond memories of such dishes. I used to bring home the ready-made foil pouches but can now make my own. What joy!

  9. THE CAKE CRUSADER: It's good to know that I brought back some good memories with this dish! Happy cooking, then ;-P! Did you like Switzerland?