Monday, October 9, 2006


I just thought that you'd like to see how a Rosh Hashanah "Challah" looks like...

The recipe for this bread can be found here.

For those of you who have never tasted to the joys of baking "Challah" at home or who have never taken a bite from this delicious brioched bread, then the occasion to experience new culinary sensations is given to you within this post, so take the opportunity to remedy this situation and get baking! No bread is as sweet as this one...


  1. PAZ: Thanks very much, Paz ;-)!

    ELVIRA: Merci beaucoup!!!

    SHER: Thanks for the very kind comment! I'm happy that my post opened up new horizons for you...

    PAPILLES ET PUPILLES: Merci ;-)))!

  2. C'est vrai qu'elle semble dire "fais moi" cette brioche.

  3. CHANIT: Thanks, Chanit :-)!...

    GRACIANNE: Tout à fait ;-)!!!

  4. Challah baking brings back really special memories for me. I used to bake them with my kids. Here's a link to what that was like...
    Kooking with Kids

    My daughter Joanna in Halifax still makes them most Fridays.

    Thanks for the memory.

  5. RUTH: It's good to know that my challah brought you back memories. I read your post a while ago and I loved it! I find it good that your daughter still perpetuates the family traditions now that she lives out of home...