Thursday, October 26, 2006


At the moment, we are now enjoying the European version of what the Americans call "The Indian Summer"! The days are warm and very sunny. That makes the shift in autumn season even more enjoyable. The trees are slowly turning, but the grass is greener than ever; the last breath of life before the winter...

Those pictures were taken a week ago during one of our walks around the fields in the countryside near Veyrier.

Violet fields contrasting with the shrill green color of the vegetation. In the background, the Salève standing tall and proud...
Another beautiful field with, at the end, the houses of some lucky people who have the most incredible view in front of their eyes (see picture above)!

Do you know which kind of vegetable is growing in those fields?... Not very difficult, heh!


  1. Non ,je donne ma langue au chat

  2. COLETTE: Ce sont des choux rouges...

    MAHEK: Thanks a lot, Mahek!

    PAZ: THANKS, Paz!!!!