Sunday, October 22, 2006


This week, the WCB round-up is hosted by Jelly and the great Kamikaze of "I Got Two Shoes" from South Korea whom I warmly thank for making this awesome event possible although Clare is absent!

If you are willing to participate, then send her your permalinks via e-mail or just leave a comment on her blog.

See you there!

Since the fresher days have arrived, Fridolin and Maruschka have changed their habits.
They tend to stay all day long in their basket and don't seem to want to lie on our bed as often as before...

Our little fluff balls prefer to spend the whole day and night in their cosy little bed and only get out when the dinner is served or when they need to use the litter box.
Aaahhh, those kitties are simply so "disgustingly" lazy that their zen attitude frustrates me, because I must admit that I am quite jealous of their flawless life!!!


  1. A deux, on se tient chaud, ça doit ronronner férocement, non?

  2. that is quite the life, id like to crawl into that basket wth them and sleep for daaaaaays!

  3. Adorable! I especially love the last photo of the two of them together!


  4. Awww...they look so sweet all cuddled up together! They must be very good friends.

  5. Next time you must choose to be "cat in a good family" :-)
    I'm leaving for France next sunday, i'm scared by the cold weather :)

  6. They are too cute, even if they are lazy! Awww, to have the life of a cat!

  7. Maybe they just like being with each other??

  8. MAMINA: Oui, ça ronronne comme si on avait un tracteur dans le salon :-)!.....

    ARIA: You are welcome, he, he!

    PAZ: Thanks, Paz!

    KROSS-EYED KITTY: Thanks ;-)! They are indeed very good friends and seem to love one another (thankfully)...

    BRIGITTE: You are right :-P! Bon voyage!!!

    FOODIE'S HOPE: Yes, very cosy!

    ROSA: Thanks, Rosa! That would be a dream...

    DAYBYDAY4-2DAY: They love being with each other and are always in the same room!....