Saturday, October 14, 2006


I am very happy to be able to host this 71st edition of the great WEEKEND CAT BLOGGING event!!!

On this occasion, I wish to share some very special pictures of my two cats Fridolin and Maruschka who have been immortalized while looking quite goofy (more than they usually do...) and accepting to be our comical models of the moment!

I am impatiently waiting for your pictures and I hope that they will be very entertaining and silly to please...

As I still have a bonnet that was made for my Teddy bear when I was small, I decided to test it on both our cats in order to see how strange it would make them look...
Fridolin is really very funny with this bonnet as he could be mistaken with a grandmother, the kind the we find in stories like Little Red Riding Hood!
On the other hand, Maruschka has a more modern look.
She is quite sexy with this bonnet and I'm already getting afraid that all the other males will try to seduce or kidnap her, because she looks like a star...

Aren't they cute? I love my two sweetie pies so much!...

Here are the contributions of other fellow cat lovers:
  • Chris of "Author Chris Dolley's Journal" has a horde of cheeky little devils who love to use the human body as a climbing tree and a particularly messy eater called Kai who needed a shower after coating his chest with chicken fat!!!
  • Sanjee of "House Of The (Mostly) Black Cats" offers us a picture of Pepi, the scary cat who looks rather cuddly for a terrifying predator!
  • John of " Community" wants to show us a cute little Pickles who looks rather black now although she had a reddish colored fur when she was much younger...
  • I also wish to make you aware that this weekend Miss Ellen is going to celebrate her birthday. She is the "Feline Foster Mum" who saved hundreds of baby kittens. A very Happy Birthday to you Ellen and may you continue helping as many kitties as you can!!!
  • Bonnie of "Miss Ellie's Page" is looking for somebody to adopt Oreo, a classic black and white female kitty wearing a mask like the Oreo cookie. This special cat also likes to impudently steal the food from poor Wingo's dish!
  • Aria of "Passionate Nonchalance" is organizing a Tea Party for Max who is hoping that you will not come late, otherwise he will be very upset...
  • D of "The Hidden Paw" has captured Boots and Tess' crazy moment when they both discovered a caterpillar under the couch...
  • Miss Lyra Silverfur, the kitty from "Music And Cats" is terrified by the prospect of looking silly, unless it happens when she is being petted!
  • Kate of "Kate In The Kitchen" was so exhausted after her culinary school graduation party that Harmon took the opportunity to use his mum's back as a mattress while a sad-faced Bustopher prefers to lie on a comfy pillow.
  • Tina T-P of "A Blip On The Radar" shows us how Sinda rolls over and how Neelix imitates a dust mop!
  • Sher of "What Did You Eat?" has to face a big problem with Upsie as she is dreaming of going on a vacation to Switzerland in order to visit our little family (you are welcome, Upsie!) and is threatening to become a Tequila addict since the four squirrels in the house are driving her crazy!!!
  • The Kitchenmage of "Kitchenmage" offers us a picture of a rather tired River lazily lying on her back before she had the kittens of madness and doom...
  • Lali of "Lali Et Cie" is trying to do a remake of Prison Break with her Petit Tigré...
  • Lisa of "Restaurant Widow" captured Ike during his moment of silliness.
  • Heather of "Heather's Space" tells us that Coral loves to hang out in the warmth of the car!
  • Kross-Eyed Kitty of "Kross-Eyed Kitty" has had big troubles with her blog and while she was desperately trying to get things back in order, Madame Dutchess was watching her panic!!!
  • Lisa of "Champaign Taste" caught Louis while he was sleeping in the laundry basket with his Dad's clean clothes dreaming of the University of Iowa...
  • SweetSarahJ of "Chef Sarah Jane" and Tiggy have been busy preparing her Halloween costume for Skeezix' s contest. Sorry, but we only accept cats here! Rabbits are not considered to be felines, he, he!!!....
  • KuDin of "KuDin's Blog" tells us that Siti can get quite nasty if you wake her up when she's doing her beauty sleep. So, all of you beware as she's not a kitty you'd like to mess with!
  • Mr D of "Belly Timber" has a rather serious Angry Cat who is way too old to do silly, but prefers to lie on the window ledge complaining about the human race...
  • Boo_Licious of "Masak-Masak" took her time to take a good picture of Boo the cat who isn't a big fan of photo sessions. Anyway, she was sweet enough to grace us with her best pose...
  • Jelly of "I Got Two Shoes" shows us Kamikaze who prefers to lie in her suitcase than in his cat carrier, although that one is more suitable for giant cats!...
  • Riana of "These Days In French Life" says that Hither is getting a fat belly, therefore he has to lie on his back to clean the hard to reach areas...
  • CatSynth of "Cat Synth" has a very sophisticated and playful Luna who likes to play with her toys and push them under the couch while Sweetie just lets it go...


  1. Hi Rosa,

    Thanks for hosting this week. Below is the link to my post. My cats went crazy on Thurday when we had a visit from a caterpiller. It's not really goofy but it was funny when I was watching them get all worked up about it!

  2. Miss Lyra is horrified by the prospect of looking silly, unless she looks silly while being petted. Today Music and Cats is up close and personal with Lyra McKitten.

  3. For a minute there, I thought they had little knitted knickers on their heads LOL - Please come visit Sinda & Neelix as they show off their tricks (I know, we're just a little early for Halloween)

    Thanks for Hosting! Tina

  4. My sleepy cat is here. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Ce chat est bien patient... félicitations.

  6. ma contribution est là:
    tes chats n'ont pas l'air content!!

  7. Funny! I don't know how happy they look... Here's my contribution for the week:

  8. Coral at Heather's Space likes to hang out in the car any opportunity she gets. Check her out lounging quite happily! LOL

  9. Hi Rosa, thanks for hosting this week! I've had some problems with my Blog, and Madame Dutchess had the pleasure of watching me try to save what was left of my blog. She's not exactly goofy...but I'm sure she's thinking that I am!

  10. omg those bonnets! too cute.

  11. Hi Rosa, thanks so much for hosting this week. Your kitties are so adorable in their headgear! I can't believe they let you do that.

    Here is my contribution, Louis in the Laundry:

    if I'm not too late!

    Cheers, Lisa

  12. Aww. They are so cute in their bonnets!
    Tiggy is dressed up in her Hallowe'en costume this week:

  13. So cute! I got Boo the cat to pose for a rare pix today! Sorry that we're late but I was waiting for the right time to capture a pix of her.

  14. Nice cats...hehhe... Fridolin reminds me of my lost cat waaaaaaa

    anyway here's my entry

    p/s blogdrive is getting to be a nuisance because they do not update the recent entry so if there isn't any entry when you click at the means it is still updating...sorry

  15. I'm woefully, late. The Cat explains.
    (Ow, my back hurts from painting...)
    WCB: Silly, huh?

  16. Hi Rosa! Here's Kamikaze in a box and in a bag:
    Thanks for hosting!!!

  17. The bonnets are hilarious!!!

    I tried to ût a cloth diaper on Lucky but he shook it off before i could get photo and i was laughing too hard

    You'll have to settle for his play cat pose instead

    Thanks for being a fantastic hostess!!

  18. wow, i can almost feel the embarrassment from Fridolin and Maruschka having to pose with a bonnet :)

    Anyhow, here's our late entry for this week:

  19. Hi Rosa,
    I love seeing Fridolin and Maruschka wearing the bonnet. They are both very beautiful and patient to allow you to put something on their heads.
    You had a lot of entries this weekend for WCB # 71. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Bonnie in Virginia

  20. i wish i had known about this! your cats are very cute ;p just found your blog now.


  22. BUREKABOY: Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment! I find your blog particularly interesting...

  23. thanks rosa! i did not know you had even visited!