Sunday, October 1, 2006


Once again, Sanjee and Robin of "House Of The (Mostly) Black Cats" from USA are kindly hosting this week's WCB round-up, so don't forget to leave a comment on their blog and give your permalink if you want to participate!

Ladies and gentlemen, please greet the most snotty kitty of the house: König Kiki Der Dritte (King Kiki The Third)!!!
Fridolin seems to love his (errr, sorry, their) basket so much that he always chases the poor Maruschka away. She then has to uncomfortably lie under the tree like a punished soul. Grrrr, that really drives me bananas as his attitude is so unfair! So, when our little "Strom Johnny (Electric Johnny)" is in his tyranic and idiotic modus, you'll see me "punishing" (no bad treatment here ;-)!) him like a little kid (it's one in reality). Then, to frustrate him, I put back Maruschka in the basket, he, he...

I think that our little devil is suffering from an immense complex of superiority which makes him do lots of mean things to Maruschka who, although she is bigger than him, never fights back and accepts his attitude like a servile kitty...

(King Lear -Pic by


  1. I'm sorry if your message doesn't appear, but unfortunately I deleted it without wanting to (I pressed the wrong option):-(...


  2. Bonjour
    Comme my taylor is still not enougn rich, j'ai besoin de quelques petites explications supplémentaires concernant le WCB69. Si je comprends bien, j envoie à "the house of the black cats" une photo de mon chat... ou est ce que je dois plutot publier une photo de mon chat sur mon blog ? Le permalink, je connais pas encore... Je ne suis que depuis 3 mois dans la blogospere.
    Si tu peux me renseigner, ce serait génial, si non pas grave.
    D'avance merci
    Vero de Delimoon

  3. Bon dimanche .....

  4. Bonjour, je te transmets le questionnaire que j'ai reçu. Libre à toi d'y répondre.
    Bien à toi

  5. Oh Frindolin, you are the Tabby Lord and Master....

  6. Poor Maruschka. It sometimes happen esp if u have a boy and a girl cat. I know my boy cat always dominates the whole place if he is allowed to.

  7. Thanks so much Rosa for all the info. We're all set. Your last pic reminds me of the following site, you have to visit it if you haven't already! Too funny. xoxo