Sunday, October 8, 2006


As every week now, this weekend's WCB is hosted by another cat lover who kindly volunteersed to host this 70th edition...

It is D of "Cat In The Box" from USA who is putting together our weekly round-up, so send her you kitty (in a box) pictures and she'll gladly post them as soon as they are submitted.

I would also like to let you know that, next week, the festivities will move to Switzerland as I will be hosting the WCB #71, so don't forget to send me your permalinks via e-mail ( or to leave a detailed comment on my blog. See you next week, then!!!

Help, a ghastly monster is coming my way!!!!!!!!!!
Don't be scared that's only Maruschka after she has eaten her supper, but is still behaving like a "food
psycho" because she doesn't want to accept that it's enough for the day...
She behaves like a crazy programmed zombie who is totally obsessed by food no matter how much she has gobbled. She never seems to have had enough to eat...
In fact, all this is psychological as no matter how much she eats, she always behaves like a a ghost with an empty stomach and believe me, that's quite terrifying!

WCB Schedule:

October 14 - Rosa from Rosa's Yummy Yums
October 21 - Jelly from I Got 2 Shoes
October 28 - Linda from Kayak Soup
November 4 - Lali from Lali Et Cie
November 11- Skeezix at Skeezix The Cat
November 18 - Amar at Catsynth
November 25 - Up for grabs
December 2 – D at The Hidden Paw
December 9 – Miz D and the Angry Cat at Belly Timber
December 16 - at Kitchen Mage
December 23 - at Chefsarahjane
December 30 - Up for grabs

(Evil Kitty -Pic by Source Unknown)


  1. Il n'a rien laisé dans son plat? Quel goinfre!

  2. c'était bon !!!!BON WEEK END

  3. Ahh... she is trying to intimidate you into feeding her... cats have so many tricks! Thanks for posting the schedule!

  4. She really does look like a cutey pie.
    Bonnie in Virginia - USA

  5. Greetings to Rosa & Maruschka from Neelix & Sinda - Thanks for stopping by to say hello - Sinda says to tell Maruschka it's all in how you ask - If you put a little bit of a whine in it, mom thinks - "Oh, poor kitty, are you still hungry?" and gives you some half & half (light cream) - Works every time LOL - See ya next week! T.

  6. i'm getting two kitties end of this month. i look forward to participating in these in the future.

  7. MAMINA: Oui, c'est une vraie goinfre!!!

    COLETTE: Je crois... Merci!

    SWEETSARAHJ: Yes, cats are very intelligent and know how to trick you, but I rarely get influenced by her cinema, he, he...

    BONNIE LOVES CATS: Thanks, Bonnie! Your kind comment makes me very happy!

    TINA T-P: Unfortunately, my mom doesn't take my whining for granted!... She rarely believes that I'm a 100% honest when I start to yammer!

    SHER: Thanks ever so much for you kind comment! We cats are always hungry, although we get more than enough food ;-)! Maruschka and Fridolin are waiting for Upsie and are looking forwards to meeting her. And if she's bringing tuna, then that's even better!......

    RAI: Great! I'd love to have baby kitties. I'm looking forwards to your kitty pictures then!