Friday, October 6, 2006


Whether we want it or not, autumn is back and it shows everywhere! For me, this season is particularly beautiful as I love the way the trees look and the particular light that is so characteristic of this time of the year...

Autumn has a very magical atmosphere that gives me a feeling of well-being.
That's how the Salève looks now in the evening; eery and nearly holy, as if it would keep a age-old secret within it's massive entrails of stone!...
In comparison, the Salève this summer can be compared to an untouchable and imposing mammoth, powerful and stremgthful like an invicible warrior ready to crush everything on it's passage... Nature is flamboyantly, yet overpoweringly green and the light is sharp, nearly blinding; a suffocating atmosphere...


  1. Beautiful pics,Rosa!! You should see the fall colors in the Blue Ridge mountains in Asheville,NC at this time! Heaven on earth!!
    Google it and see for yourself!!:))


    FOODIE'S HOPE: Thanks for the visit and the kind comment! I googled a bit and saw many great pictures of Asheville. You are right, the autumn over there is mind-blowing!!! America has some of the most beautiful places to visit during the fall. I'd love to visit your country and see all those magnificent landscapes...

  3. You have such a beautiful eye, Rosa!

  4. I love the autumn season and I'd love to be here, this time of the year. What a beautiful and peaceful setting.


  5. Saleve? GASP!!! oh my lords! other swisses? other swiss foodies?! and in geneva, no less? wheeeee!!!! oh, what a happy day. :) hi!!!

    i work near the saleve and find it intruiging to watch the moods of the mountains. i look forward to reading the backissues of your blog.


  6. Your pics are just beautiful... quite breathtaking I have to admit ! Wish I could see that through the window !

  7. IVONNE: Thanks so much, Ivonne :-)))!

    PAZ: Thanks for the kind comment! I would also love to be in the US during the autumn as it must be beautiful there!...

    RAI: Woa, it's great to meet other Swiss bloggers! So, you are also from Geneva :-)? HI!!!

    Yes, this mountain is unike and I love it! You then work near my home...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for being interested in my posts!!!


    LAULAU: Many thanks, Laulau! Also thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving such a kind comment ;-)...

  8. Looking for a poem about autumn, I found this blog.

    Loved the photos...are they of Switzerland, a place I plan to visit before too long?

    I'm looking for a poem about autumn stating that the first color of autumn is______green, gold, ...?

    What is the entire poem?
    Who is the author?

    Estella from California, USA