Saturday, February 17, 2007


The great baker Fidji at "Fidji Passion Boulange" from France has won the last "Kikiveutkivientkuisiner N°16" baking contest with her magnificent "Gâteau Des Rois (King's Cake)", so now it is her turn to host the round-up of the next event (N°17)...

The rule of the game is very simple. You just have to make a bread with the dough recipe of your choice and shape the loaf, using your imagination. You can either choose to make it a decorative party bread that will contain sandwiches or just simply a bread that represents an animal or object.

For this edition, I decided to make an Easter lamb-shaped bread, because I thought tha
t it would look cute and bring a bit of gaiety to your Easter celebration table!

I used my "Ekmek" dough recipe from Eric Treuille and Ursula Ferrigno's "Ultimate Bread" (see review) book, then for the shape, I inspired myself from an old Betty Bossi magazine...

I must say that the bread turned out very well and looked quite nice! I would never have imagined that I could have been able to be patient enough in order to succeed in the task and end up with a bread actually looking like a lamb.

Here's the bread dough recipe:
  • "Ekmek Bread" from Turkey (see recipe)
Other bread dough recipes that can also be used:
To shape the lamb:
1. Referring yourself to my model, draw a 30cm x 15cm (12 inches x 6 inches) lamb on a rectangular piece of parchment paper and turn the paper over.
2. Divide the dough as follows: 1/3 + 2/3.
3. Take 2/3 of the dough, roll it in order to get a 40cm (16 inches) long rope.
4. Cut this rope into 20 equal pieces.
5. Form a rope with each piece and shape into a coil.
6. Place each coil on the body of the lamb.
7. Then, with the leftover dough (1/3) make 2 ears, 2 legs and a head. Make the eyes, nose and mouth with raisins or the dry fruits of your choice.

8. Place all shaped parts on the parchment paper so as to form a lamb.
9. Let prove, covered with a towel, for 20-30 minutes.
10. Bake in a preheated oven at 200°C (400°F) for 25 minutes.
11. Remove the bread from the oven and baking rack/parchment
paper, place on a rack to cool.
12. Lightly spray the lamb with water and sprinkle with flour.

Work fastly while you are forming the bread, otherwise the rising time will not be equal for the different parts that compose the lamb...

Serving suggestions:
Use this bread as you would do with any decorative bread. It is ideal for lunch or for a picnic with cheese and spreads of any kind or for breakfast with jam, honey, butter, etc...


  1. Wouah c'est super ;)
    merci pour ta participation

  2. Wow! My son would love to have that..:). Thats a very cute looking lamb shaped bread, Rosa.

  3. your lamb bread represent so much work and it looks so cute, just won't be abble to eat.
    do you know who's hosting WCB this week ?

  4. Cez mouton est trop charmant.

  5. The nicest I've seen so far !!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!

  6. Your lamb bread is very cute, i really wish to join but no idea what to do, and not sure to be able to make it.

  7. Que c'est mignon, et une reussite totale. Je suis emerveillee! Bravo, bravo, bravo!

  8. Just found your blog. The lamb is adorable! I'm partial to sheep though (even though I have one that gets underfoot sometimes
    I'm definitely going to try your lemon chicken. I love that combination.
    Have a great Sunday.

  9. Oh, qu'il est joli, ce petit mouton. On doit avoir de la peine à l'entamer. Et pourtant,il doit être si tendre... ;o)
    Bravo pour ce chef-d'oeuvre

  10. wouuuaaaw!! qu'il est beau!!! magnifique concours cette fois!! biiises micky

  11. eh beh ! j'ai eu du mal à trouver, et puis l'anglais et moi c'est une vieille histoire dont je ne me souviens guère. Mais. Mais je suis tombée amoureuse, I'm in love with this lamb. On dirait le mouton du "petit prince". Et il fallait que je le dise. C'est fait.

  12. What a funy and pretty sheep!

  13. Il est génial ton agneau! Tu l'a super bien réussi et il n'a rien à envier à celui de BB. Je recherchais des recettes pour Pâques dernièrement dans de vieux journaux BB et je l'ai vu...hihi.
    J'ai voté pour toi pour le kiki. Sincèrement, c'est une des réalisations la mieux réussie.
    Bravo à toi encore
    Bien à toi

  14. Il est completement craquant ce mouton! J'adore!
    C'est vraiment superbe!

  15. totally cute, rosa. i don't think i could have eaten it!!

  16. Comme il est mignon ce petit mouton, difficile à entamer!

  17. It's so cute, I just love it !!! ;)

  18. FIDJI: Merci pour ton commentaire et tes efforts en ce qui concerne le KKVKVK!!!

    SHER: Thanks ever so much!...

    SAILAJA: Thanks for your visit and kind comment! Yes, I'm sure that your son would love such a lamb...

    BRIGITTEGUYANE: Merci beaucoup, brigitte! Et bien, moi j'ai réussi à la manger ;-P!!!... Besos.

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    BUREKABOY: Thanks, BB!!! It's true that it was to cute to be eaten, but I could not have kept such a big thing endlessly ;-P! I had to eat it (that'sa good excuse, isn't it?!)...

    MISS DIANE: Merci, Diane!!! En effet, assez difficile à entamer...

    CHARLINE: Thanks for your visit and kind comment :-D!!!

  19. Mais...où est le Ptit Prince?
    Une grande sensibilité dans cette réalisation, merci de nous apporter un peu de douceur dans ce monde de brutes!

  20. PARAP'NAT: Malheureusement, il n'a pas retrouvé son mouton ;-P...
    Merci pour ta visite et ton commentaire sympathique!

  21. Il est trop mignon!!!

  22. Wonderfull!!! Il est vraiment mignon!

  23. tiens , j'ai bien fait de passer par là ! j'ai oublié de te dire que j'avais trouvé ton mouton absolument génial!

  24. Rosa,
    your blog is absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad I found it thanks to your comment. Your recipes are amazing. I lived so close to Switzerland for most of my life and never knew it had such interesting culinary delights. :) - and your pictures are wonderful.
    Thanks. :) I'm going to try to remember this bread for next Easter!!!

  25. CHEMCOOKIT: Thanks for the kind comment and for visiting my blog! I'm very happy to hear that you like my blog :-D! Yes, Switzerland is rich culinary speaking! There are so many fine things here and the world doesn't know much about our cuisine...