Friday, February 2, 2007


Today, February the 2nd, it is "Candlemas/Chandeleur/St Bride's Day", the Christian festival that commemorates the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of the infant Jesus in the Temple. This feast originates from the Celts or Pagans who celebrate(d) "Imbolc" (see link) on the 1st of February, thus marking the beginningss of Spring and the coming back of light...

For many people, religious or non-religious alike, this day is also the feast of "Pancakes" (see link) and it is a good excuse to eat "French Pancakes" 'till your literally explode!!!

Of course, it is not the only time of the year during which you can have a "Pancake" party, but it is nonetheless the best way to honor this delicious treat...

For those who want to celebrate "Candlemas", I thought that it would be a good idea to give you "Pancake" recipes and links that will rejoice your gourmet palate.

My recipes:
Other recipes:
Have fun and eat well!!!

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  1. Merci pour toutes ces suggestions! C'est si bon les crêpes...

  2. Moi j'adore les crèpes et le pancakes, pour ne pas faire de jaloux. Mais dis moi tu es originaire d'où?
    Merci pour ta recette

  3. wouuaaw!! moi j'en ai pas!! j'ai pas eu le temps d'en faire!! biises micky

  4. Pas mal du tout ta recette de crèpes. Moi j'aime beaucoup ça.
    Bravo aussi pour ton blog qui est très sympa

  5. hiya, here's my link for WCB. Thxs for hosting.

  6. Ma fille vient de ramener une recette de pancakes de l'ecole...c'est moi la plus contente! Bon week end Rosa!

  7. hey rosa, never heard of this until recently (it's actually related in a weird way to our groundhog day; see the post i did in the link in it).

    this reminds me of shrove tuesday which is coming up, also known as "pancake day". i think it's also related to mardi gras.

    anyway, i don't need a holiday to eat crepes or pancakes!!

  8. MISS DIANE: J'adore les crêpes ;-P! Bon surf sur les sites à crêpes!!!..

    POM D'API: Oui, les deux spécialités sont super bonnes et je ne pourrais pas dire laquelle est la meilleure! Je suis suisse et anglaise...

    MICKYMATH: C'est pas grave. Les crêpes ça se mange n'importe quand ;-P!!!

    PAOLA: Merci pour tes commentaires très sympas ;-P!!!

    CONFITUREMAISON: Mange bien, alors! Bises.

    ROSA: ;-P!!!!

    BUREKABOY: Yes, I've heard about "Groundhog Day". In any case, it seems to have the same meaning as it celebrates the beginning of the better days (end of Winter). The "Chandeleur" is not really related to "Mardi Gras" as it doesn't exactly have the same meaning, but everything is kinda mixed up nowadays. Anyway, on both days, people eat "crêpes"...
    Me neither! I don't need a holiday to feast on those delicious specialities ;-D!!!