Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Let me tell you people, I am a mad peanut freak!!! Although my blog contains very few recipes with peanuts (I don't really know why...), I am totally nuts about them.

Some people can't live without chocolate. Well, I can't survive a week (a day more exactly, he, he) without eating either roasted peanuts (with or without the shells) or peanut butter. I am totally addicted!!!

My favorite treat on Sunday mornings is homemade bread smothered in peanut butter and honey. Evil!

At least, this wonderful legume is a healthy nutrient:

"Peanuts are also a good way to consume many other beneficial micronutrients in the diet. In addition to containing over 75 percent good unsaturated fat, peanuts are a good source of fiber, as well as vitamin E, folate, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, all which are thought to be important to health. For example, a recent study done at Purdue University showed that subjects with low levels of magnesium in their blood were brought up into normal ranges when they ate peanuts every day."

~ Source: The Peanut Institute. ~

Read more here:

As a peanut addict, that's very good news, don't you think?...

"I hate television.
I hate it as much as peanuts.
But I can't stop eating peanuts."

~ Orson Wells ~


  1. Aucune addiction chez moi pour la cacahouète...

  2. I love peanuts too, but found that it has a bad side effect, I always get breakouts after eating too much peanuts. Good for the stomach, but bad for the face! :P

  3. ahahh! i have one proposition that you must try! Try to make a peanut butter sandwich ...but first spread the bread with butter then the peanut butter and finally spread with straberry jam!
    With the same mix spread, i did it with the crèpe....ummmmh it is so yummmy, like rosa yummmy ..hi hi hi!

  4. moi aussi, j'adore! je te rejoins dans le peanut addicts club ;-)

  5. MAMINA: Dommage...

    RASA MALAYSIA: That's interesting. I've never seen any side effect with peanut, but I believe that I can happen to some people... That's not funny if you are a peanut addict ;-P!
    Thanks for passing by.

    RELLY: Thanks for this recipe! Unfortunately, I have already tried peanut butter with jam and didn't find this association to my taste, sorry ;-P! But, I can understand that others like it...

    AUNTIE JO: Bienvenue chez les accros au peanut butter ;-P!!!