Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I have once again been tagged! This time, both new bloggers, Hélène at "Dans L'assiette de Mademoiselle Charlotte Et Cie" and Lolotte at "Le Blog-Notes De Lolotte" asked me to do this meme... Thanks for thinking of me!

Have fun reading it!

If I were... a vegetable, which one would it be?
A potato, because there are so many varieties and ways of preparing that marvelous vegetable!
e I love so many vegetables (Brussel sprouts, fennel, cauliflower, eggplant, courgettes, asparagus, etc...), I must say that it was very difficult to choose only one out of them all...

If I were... a fruit, which one would it be?
Berries of
any kind, whether it be blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, red currants, etc... I just love those delicious little fruits. Their flavor is very delicate, sweet and acidulated, their color wonderful and their perfume heavenly!

If I were... a spice, which one would it be?
Cinnamon. I love that spice! It is ideal when baking or cooking
and goes perfectly well with sweet or savory dishes.
As a spice freak, it was very difficult for me to think of
only one spice and forget the others (curry, 5 spice powder, cumin, Garam Massala, Za'atar, etc....)...

If I were... a herb, which one would it be?
Fresh basil. I particularly like the European variety in pestos and with pasta, and the Asian one (Holy/Thai Basil) in curr
ies, stir-fries or Vietnamese food.

If I were... a dessert, which one would it be?
A tart/pie ("Pumpkin Pie", "Pecan Pie", "Custard Tart", "Wine Tart", etc...) . Maybe "Lemon Meringue Tart" or any fruit tart/pie (apple, berry, apricot, prunes/quetsch, rhubarb, etc...).

If I were... a sweet, which one would it be?
I'm not re
ally a person who likes sweets, but I guess that I'd say "Sour Apple Rings" and anything chemical as well as regressive like Haribo or Youpi sweets...

If I were... a chocolate, which one would it be?
Simple, not to sweet, but with body.
I particularly like "Gianduja" (see infos). I'd say anything by Camille Bloch, Lindt, Favarger, Villars, Frey and

If I were... a jam, which one would it be?
Black currant jelly/jam. The best berry jam around...
There are many jams I like like apricot jam or black currant jam, but I think that this one is one of the best, because it's not too sweet nor too sickly.

If I were... a cuisine, which one would it be?
The American cuisine, because it's multi-faceted and multi-ethnic (Asian, European, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Creole, South American, etc...).
In that way, I don't have to choose between cuisines that are all different, yet equal quality- and taste-wise!

If I were... a silverware item, which one would it be?
A spoon. In that way
I can eat anything (desserts, soups, curries, pasta, etc...) and in quantities, he, he!

If I were... an alcoholic drink, which one would it be?
Although I very much like wine, I would choose the sweet kind (Porto, Bailey's, Amaretto, Dessert Wines, etc...) as I like to drink in small quantities and prefer to enjoy my alcohol as if it would be a dessert...

If I were... a non-alcoholic drink, which one would it be?
Water, but also tea and coffee (that's more than one, I know...).
I drink a lot of water on a daily basis a
nd could not live without it. It is for my well-being.

If I were... the owner of a restaurant, which one would it be?
A diner. Those places are convivial and serve old-fashioned family-style food (doughnuts, hamburgers, rice pudding, pies, meatloafs, muffins, tarts, cornbread, etc...).
I love what has a retro touch. such places make me dream!

The bloggers I tag (only if you want):
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Lilian at "Malaysia's Best" (Malaysia)
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(Potatoes -Pic by www.subtleenergysolutions.com)
(Berries -Pic by www.aaronscanna-amaryllis.com)
(Cinnamon -Pic by www.danish-schnapps-recipes.com)
(Thai Basil-Pic by www.sunriseseeds.com)
(Lemon Meringue Pie -Pic by www.oetker.ca)
(Haribo -Pic by www.general-anzeiger-bonn.de)
(Favarger -Pic by www.wu-services.com)
(Black Currant Jelly -Pic by
(Könemann -Pic by
(Spoons -Pic by www.vergenet.net)
(Tokaji -Pic by www.liquorama.net)
(Water -Pic by
(Diner -Pic by www.forgotten-ny.com)


  1. Prem's on a pas mal de point commun sauf les bonbons

  2. Hi Rosa! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was fun to read your post. And you've got some great pics here too!

  3. Si j'en viens a repondre a ce questionnaire, je n'aurai quasiment qu'a faire un copie-colle!