Thursday, February 8, 2007


I'm ever so happy to announce you that I have finally been able to get a "real" camera (with zoom, etc...)!!!

Now, I will be able to offer you better quality pictures with lots of cool food close-ups as well as high definition landscapes. It is a little jewel that will be my faithful and cherished companion that will assist me in the process of making this blog better and more interesting.

I received it a few days ago and since then, I can't stop playing/fiddling with it. I'm like a little child with a new toy! Compared to my other camera,
it's like night and day...

See for yourselves (click on the pictures to enlarge)!

Some pretty red fruits on a decorative bush...
A magnificent, but damaged green beetle on my balcony table...
Cute little flowers that decorate my village...
A lonely (horse) chestnut...


  1. Felicitations! Et premieres photos prometteuses.

  2. Tes photos sont très jolies
    A bientôt

  3. Tes photos sont très belles!
    Bravo bravo

  4. elles sont superbes tes photos!! biiises micky

  5. GRACIANNE: Merci beaucoup :-)!

    PAOLA: Merci, Paola! A +...

    SOPHIE: Merci, Sophie!!!

    MICKYMATH: Merci beaucoup ;-)! Bises.