Thursday, February 15, 2007


My favorite mountain, the Salève (see link) and I have a special relationship with one another. Every day, I am in awe in front of his incredible beauty and he (I see it as a "he") always does his best to surprise me.

My mountain has so many ways of showing how he cares about me. His many different faces are incredible and he always knows what to do in order to soothe me or bring a smile on my face! He can be sweet, raw, elegant, pretty, terrifying, intriguing, mysterious, photogenic, etc... I love him and his qualities so much!!!

please, click on the pictures to enlarge.

Some mist "licking" the mountain...
A misty and cold day...A fabulous and clear end of afternoon...Low fog cutting the mountain in two...
The 1932 avant-gardist telepheric station.
I love to call it "my Kitchen Aid", because it has the same shape as the well-known machine and never fails to remind me how much I'd like one of those babies!...


  1. Le mont Salève, mes racines de haute savoyarde (je suis née à Samoëns !) belles photos dans la brume !

  2. Tes photos sont magnifiques !

  3. Le Salève, ce sont les racines Savoyardes de ma mère qui à presque 95 ans sera contente de voir tes photos maintenant qu'elle ne se déplace plus dans sa région d'origine...

  4. C'est vrai quelle est belle, je te comprends

  5. Rosa, je crois qu'a chaque fois que je verrai des photos du Saleve, je penserai a toi maintenant. My Kitchenaid :)

  6. What a view!! I hope you get your Kitchenaid. I wanted one for years and years and finally, my husband got me one. So, if you wish long enough, you will get it!

  7. AGNÈS: Merci pour ta visite et ton commentaire! Très intéressant tout ça. La Haute Savoie est une belle région que je connais très mal car, malheureusement, je n'ai pas de voiture...

    SYLVIE: Merci!!!

    MAMINA: A-t-elle vu ces photos? Est-ce qu'elles lui ont plu? Une très belle région...

    POM D'API: ;-P...

    GRACIANNE: Merci de penser à moi et mon Kitchen Aid de rêve ;-P!!!

    SHER: Yes, we are lucky to have such a view! I also hope that I will once get a Kitchen Aid. In any case, I know that I will have one, one day, but when? That's another question...