Saturday, February 3, 2007


Hello and welcome to my humble little blog!!!

I am very happy to announce that this weekend's WCB round-up is hosted here on "Rosa's Yummy Yums"!

To join the party, you just need to leave a message in the comment section without forgetting to give your permalink. You can also e-mail me ( the needed informations. I will then feature the link to your kitty picture on my blog.

I'm looking forwards to seeing your cute kitties!!!

Have a nice weekend,

Maruschka, Fridolin & Rosa

Every time I lie on the bed to read or watch TV, Maruschka has to be by my side.
She follows me everywhere...
Once she's on the bed, she generally stays calm and sleeps.
As both Fridolin and Maruschka like the bed, I had to arrange a spot for them with a towel (to protect the bed from their hairs).
Believe it or not, the t
wo little angels have learned not to lie anywhere else than on this place!
even go there alone, without any kind of encouragement from us...

The WCB Round-Up:

Iasca at "Jo Tourtit" (France) is a beautiful and independent 7 years old gray cat who is not afraid to fight for his territory or go after all kinds of critters. Do visit Johane's blog, it is full of beautiful pictures (animals, places, nature, etc...)!

After having squatted the "Tequila Lime Wings" box, the little Taboo at "Jelly Pizza" (USA) is happy to return to a more familiar and comfortable old standby ...

Othello and Kashim at "Paulchen's Foodblog?!" (Austria) are looking very cute on their cat tree and when they are sleeping. They even accept to share with us one of their favorite kitty recipes: "Fish Potty"! Yummy...

Black Kitty at "Kitikata-San" is a cute outdoor kitty who refuses to live in a house and prefers a hard life outside. Kitikata-San loves to watch her as long as her territory is not endangered...

Boo_licious of "Masak-Masak" (Malaysia) regularly gets the visit of an adorable ginger cat who comes for food. Of course, with the sweet Fluff Puff around, small fights and power plays occur...

Mr. Mao at "Kross-Eyed Kitty" (Canada) is feeling very poorly. He is in the cat hospital since Tuesday and is under heavy medication. Poor little darling. He needs your support, so don't forget to send him hugs. Do get better Mister!

Harmon and Bustopher at "Kate In The Kitchen" (USA) love to play with each other. Sometimes their games turn into brotherly fights, but that doesn't stop them from being very sweet kitties...

Mini at "House Of The (Mostly) Black Cats" (USA) is Sanjee's sister. She is a very nice kitty with everyone, but Sanjee who would like to see her go! At least, Mini's mom doesn't want to sell her...

Mysri and Coca at "Café Créole" (Guyana) are two very adorable kitties who were lucky enough to have been adopted by a sweet woman named Brigitte! The two family dogs have accepted them immediately. A happy tale...

Puddy, a majestuous black kitty, at "A beautiful Life" (Australia) is going back to basics this weekend and is enjoying her first ever bed, a laundry basket with a pillow and towel in it...

Boots aka Bootstrap Bill at "The Hidden Paw" (USA) is an extremely sweet and fluffy kitty. In a short movie starring directed by D, you'll learn how he hot into a pirate...

Kako at "Xenogere" (USA) is a real poser. It is very understanble since she is such a beautiful black kitty. But, as it is the case with all famous people, she is not always in the mood to pose, so she'll get figity and just go away...

Mina, Maya and Oliver at "Cuisine Guylaine" (France) are three magnificent kitties that like to lie around in the garden. All cohabit harmoniously, although it was a bit difficult for Oliver to accept other kitties at home! A thought goes for Poussy wo was poisoned by an mean idiot...

Upsie and Sundance at "What Did You Eat?" are two really sweet kitties that are getting to know one another, week after week. Upsie finds that Sundance is a pain in the neck because he's too juvenile, but she is nonetheless starting to feel for him ...

Lizzie at "It's All Good" (USA) is a very special kitty with a sweet face and nice color patterns!...

Miquette and Daisy at "Gastronomades" (France) are very important to Lilizen who adopted them both. She could never live without her cute kitties! It's not very difficult to understand why...

Tiggy at "Tiggy The Tiny Tiger" (USA) has moved into a new home and also has two new kitties to live with! This gray cutie has now to learn to share her mom with the two newcomers...

The lovely Sergei at "Music And Cats" (USA) doesn't want to be annoyed while he is washing! So, he asks us to "talk to the paw"...

Luna at "" (USA) is a sweet cat who loves to take in the sights, smells and sounds of a warm Californian Spring-like day through an open window...

The adorable Kamikaze at "I Got Two Shoes" (South Korea) is a real food enthusiast with a stubborn and extremely attaching character... So when Jelly wants to give him food, she literally has to fight with him in order to get room in order to pour his dry cat food into his dish!

The sweet Mamina at "Et Si C'Était Bon..." (France) is being a little cheeky and very sarcastic! She proposes to offer a white mouse to all of the WCB participants...

2007 Weekend Cat Blogging Schedule:
  • #88 February 10-11: Amar and Luna at CatSynth
  • #89 February 17-18: — Two Volunteers, Sorting It out now! hehehe
  • #90 February 24-25: Kate, Bustopher and Harmon at Kate in the Kitchen
  • #91 March 3-4: Lisa of Champaign Taste
  • #92 March 10-11: Sher at What Did You Eat
  • #93 March 17-18 - St Patrick’s Day Weekend: ??? You ???
  • #94 March 24-25: ??? You ???
  • #95 March 31-April 1: D, Boots and Tess at The Hidden Paw

To volunteer to host WCB one weekend, just e-mail Sanjee at "Cat Blogosphere" and let them know...


  1. to morrow Mysri and Coca will be there :-)
    it's still friday night ...
    good night

  2. Poor Mr. Mao has been in the hospital this week and is quite sick. He sure could use some kitty hugs sent his way.

  3. Dear Rosa, Meow! Please post my blog with cute pictures of a black kitty that looks like Maruschka. Thank you for hosting WCB! Meow!

  4. we are.....have a great weekend!

    Thanks for hosting!!

  5. Fanks for hosting WCB this weekend! I have my post up at
    I'm tryin to sell my sisfur Mini the cat. hehehe (Well, Mommy won't reely let me send her away, oh well.)

  6. you did a great job with the WCB -- it looks really great and we love being included.

    taboo says: MEOW!

  7. Thanks for hosting this week! Here's another one for you:

  8. what a wonderful round up, you did great job so far, Rosa!

    have a nice weekend :)

  9. Merci d'heberger cette semaine, Rosa.
    Voici les miens :

    merci et bises

  10. upsi, forgot to tell you: we are not from germany we are austrian (vienna) kitties ;)


  11. Hey Rosa,

    Thanks so much for hosting this week. Here is the link to our post. It's a little movie starrig Boots!

  12. Thanks so much for hosting Rosa! Good job.

  13. Hope I'm not too late... got room for one more?

  14. Apologies for the oversight, Rosa! Friday Cat Blogging: Lizzie is at

    Best regards,
    (and all the Good Cats)

  15. Ils sont trop beaux tous ces petits chats :) J'adore :)

  16. Hey - thanks for hosting! Here's Kamikaze:

  17. bon , je n'ai pas tout compris mais j'adore les photos de minous !
    la notre nous a quitté l'année dernière et dur dur de s'en remettre ... on a promis à nos enfants d'en reprendre un cet année , après le déménagement !

  18. Ravie d'ajouter un post à ton billet,bon WE!

  19. Hi Rosa! Here is Tiggy's WCB... the first one in a long time!

    Thanks for hosting!


  20. Sergei says, "Talk to the paw."

    Thanks for hosting WCB!

  21. Hi there, we're a little late because we've been enjoy the spring weather this weekend - but here's our post:

    By the way, something funky is going on with your date stamp. March 1?

  22. Merci pour ces très belles photos de chats...

  23. Merci pour cette hospitalité et pour les chats

  24. uggghh...sorry i missed it :(( great round-up post, rosa. u put a lot of work into it, i see! but then, does that suprise me?? NOT! LOL.


    BUREKABOY: That's ok ;-P! Thanks for the kind comment ;-D!