Monday, January 8, 2007


Although I don't know who should be hosting this week's WCB round-up, I nonetheless decided to write a cat oriented-post, because I can't withhold the following picture any longer!...

Does anyone know who is hosting the event? Is there a volunteer yet?

Lately, I haven't been able to show you any picture of my kitties sharing the same bed or cuddling together for the simple reason that, during the winter, Fridolin and Maruschka's habits change.
Now that the heating is on, Fridolin prefers to lie on the cat tree which is next to the radiator and insert all four feet in it's slits.
Maruschka doesn't really seem to like to be too close to any form of heating, so she stays in the basket or on the bed...
But, during the evening, they both cuddle up together on the bed and sleep like two lazy babies.
As a matter of fact, this picture was taken on late weekend evening (or should I say early morning?!) just before they were to be transported out of the bedroom into their night quarters.
I love their face on this picture. Maruschka looks stressed with her big saucer eyes and Fridolin is "zenly" equal to himself, as usual...



If you want to volunteer and host our weekly WCB event, then leave a message on the blog "Cat Blogosphere".


  1. Ils adorent être couverts... celui de ma fille rentre sous la couette, même en plein été parfois...

  2. lol. Too funny! "What big eyes you have!"

  3. Your cats look adorable together! Glad to find you had a schedule for WCB!

  4. MAMINA: Oui, ils adorent ça même par grande chaleur!!! Ils sont bizarres ces chats...

    ROSA: Yes, indeed and I hope that she'll not eat my whole, LOL!!!

    SAMMAWOW-CHINA CAT-WILLOW: Thanks for you visit and nice comment! I'm pleased that you like my cats and that you found the schedule...