Saturday, January 27, 2007


Kate, Bustopher and Harmon of "Kate In The Kitchen" are proud to be hosting this weekend's WCB event! So, all cat lovers are invited over to party...

To submit your kitty picture, you can either leave a message in their comment se
ction (with your permalink) or email (kate4797 at hotmail dot com) them without forgetting to give all the informations needed.

See you there, then!

Fridolin loves to lie like a lazy king on the tree top, next to the boiling hot radiator. It is his favorite spot as from there he can see and control everything (birds, landscape, Maruschka,etc...) while behaving like a sphinx.

He feels so comfortable up there that when his supper is served, he has to get fetched!!!
Yes, as unimaginable as it sounds, he won't come down even if you call him a hundred times. So, we have to carry him into the kitchen and position him right in front of his plate...
Crazy isn't it?!?

And don't forget that next week, I'll be hosting the WCB #87, so I hope that you'll participate!

(Sphinx -Pic by


  1. I just love photos where you can really see a cat's eyes, they are beautiful aren't they?


    Ari (Baking and Books)

  2. Quoi ? What ? Déjà !!
    Mais dis donc le WCB commence bien tôt chez toi. Ahlala avec mes coupures internet et mo chat qui m'a fait une peur bleue en vomissant du sang cette semaine, je n'ai pas encore eu le temps d'aller voir les règles du jeu.
    Bises et bon week-end Rosa.

  3. Well, of course you have to carry him to his food. He's royalty. And he knows it!!! He looks so adorable there. I love tabby cats!

  4. ok I'll be here next week end with our 2 little monsters :-)
    Le nouvel appareil photo est arrivé mais pffff ce qu'il est complexe !!
    je vais prevenir l'hotesse de cat blogging right away
    bises à vous 2 et calins au poilu parresseux :-)

  5. LOL, he is the king in the house.

  6. Looks like your kitty has a very strong look on his face. Yes, I would say he is telling us he is king of the house! Meow!

  7. Frido doesn't look like he wants to go to any old party! "Just leave me in front of my radiator," says he. What a beautiful guy he is.

  8. Cats and royalty definitely go together!

    China Cat & Willow

  9. Why is it that some cats are so spoiled? Mr. Mao lately likes to be fed on the oriental rug in the middle of the living room.

  10. ARI: Thanks for the visit and comment! Yes, cat's eyes are very special and so beautiful...

    THALIE: J'espère que ton chat va mieux et que ta connection internet et revenue!...

    SHER: Thanks, Sher! He is a King and we are his servants ;-P...

    BRIGITTE: Je suis contente de savoir que tu es de retour avec un nouvel appareil! Je suis impatiente de voir tes chats.

    BOO_LICIOUS: Yes!!!

    KITIKATA-SAN: He has a strong look on his face, but he's ever so sweet... Without a doubt, he is THE king of the house!

    LISA: Thanks, Lisa! No, he doesn't want to party. He prefers to cook next to the radiator!!!

    SAMMAWOW-CHINA CAT-WILLOW: That's right ;-P!!!

    KROSS-EYED KITTY: No idea... Maybe because we are "stupid" enough to do everything they want!

  11. J'aimerais savoir ce qu'est le week-end cat-blogging, en quoi cela consiste, merci !