Friday, January 12, 2007


At the moment, the weather here isn't like it should be in January. It is very warm (15° C), "foehny" and rainy/sunny (like light rainstorms)! When you look outside, you feel more as if it would be October or the beginning of spring. The smell in the air is metallic/electric, pungent and reminds me of the warmer days when nature is awakening and the soil liberates a deep perfume...

It's crazy! I have to pinch myself in order not to daydream about the sweet song of birds, the buds starting to open and nature going wild! No, it is still winter and that's the problem.

I have read that the last time it was so warm was in 1920 and, then, the temperatures were even more incredible (17.6° C)!

As I'm still hoping to see Mr. Winter come back to finish his work, I thought that a few pictures showing the foggy side of Veyrier would please you and put you back into a winter mood.

Here, as we are very close to the Arve river and the Salève mountain, the (low) fog can be quite thick and build up in only a few seconds. I call it "mushy peas"...

Looking towards the village. Normally, on the right, you should see the church...
On a less foggy day. The church is more visible...
The sun above gives the fog an eerie color...
The sun is rising.
At the foot of the Salève, you can see the filaments of fog being stretched by a strong current of air (like in a corridor). That's generally where everything starts...


  1. Bon week end ...BYE

  2. Mr Winter est arrive sans prevenir chez nous ce matin, et nous assomme avec un beau -15 a midi!

  3. quelles magnifiques photos!!! bises et merçi mimi

  4. Foggy and beautiful! Thanks for these pics. How I'd love to visit one day.


  5. I love the fog. Such pretty pics.


    CONFITURE MAISON: Quel chanceuse! J'aimerais bien aussi voir des hivers à l'américaine...

    MICKYMATH: Merci beaucoup! Bises.

    PAZ: Thanks, Paz! Yes, you should visit Switzerland one day...

    ROSA: Thanks, Rosa!