Saturday, January 13, 2007


After a week without host nor clear informations, our long-awaited WCB event is back!!!

For the very first time, the kind Sher and the beautiful Upsie of "
What Did You Eat?" from USA are hosting the round-up... If you wish to participate the rules are easy: leave them a comment with your permalinks or send them an email with all the informations needed.

Sometimes, Fridolin can be a real pain in the backside when HIS space is occupied by Maruschka. His Heirness "King Gümpel" is then all stressed and gets in his typical "unemployed" modus (not knowing what to do of himself and searching for something).
If she is on his tree top or bedside, he doesn't can't lie down and then paces back and forth in the apartment looking like a clueless and lost goof!

Fridolin can't install himself anywhere else; it has to be on his usual spot or nowhere.
Generally, during this uncalm lapse of time he will do all kinds of stupidities like opening the cupboards, going under the bed/settee or putting his nose where he should not (that cats!), grrrrr!
But, at the end he always chases her away and there's a lot of hissing...

(King Cat -Pic by


  1. LOL...that's quite the well-used cat scratch post :) i'm sure king gumpel expects you to bow to him, too ;p

  2. I agree with burekaboy, that's a well-used scratch post! The pic is adorable, poor thing. :)

  3. Mr. Mao's favourite passive-aggressive move when he is pissed off or ignored is eating plastic bags. He'll eat them until he then barfs Cat Yak all over the place.
    Sigh. I wish he was smart enough to open cupboards!
    Or, smart enough to use a scratching post!

  4. J'adore regarder les cat blogging WE ;o) je meurs quand je vois un arbre à chats. J'en ai acheté un il y a peu mais j'ai dû, à mon grand regret et à celui de mes chats, m'en séparer car mon appart du moment est trop petit pour contenir un arbre de cette taille.. Je le voyais plus petit qu'en réalité sur la boîte lol.
    Ils s'en sont donnés à coeur joie au moins une nuit ;o) Un avant-goût quoi.

  5. SHER: Thanks for the comment!
    Too funny! Yes, Fridolin also likes to bang the cupboard door shut.

    BUREKABOY: Yes, it is indeed well-used!... Of course, everybody has to bow to King Gümpel LOL!

    KATIE: Thanks for the comment and visit! Well-used scratch post, is that true LOL?!?

    PAZ: Thanks, Paz :-D!

    KROSS-EYED KITTY: Wow, Mr. Mao eats plastic bags?!?! Cats know how to annoy you... You can be glad that he can't open the cupboard, otherwise you'd get more trouble than you already have. He is nonetheless a cute little devil!

    CHANIT: Thanks, Chanit ;-)!

    THALIE: Merci pour ton commentaire!
    Dommage pour l'arbre à chat... Il en existe aussi des tout petits. Pauvres chats! Leur plaisir a été de courte durée