Thursday, January 18, 2007


The weather here is still very spring-like and doesn't really want to switch over to winter.

At the very moment, it is blowing like hell (foehn), gray, rainy and very warm (13-15° C). I hate this kind of disgusting and depressing weather, yuk!!!

Due to this wave of heat, flowers have appeared on certain bushes or in certain gardens and I even saw cattails on birch tree.Quite a chocking and incredible vision! Generally, those phenomenas appear only in March or April and never in January. Terrifying!

For your pleasure, I have posted a series of sunset pictures which I hope you'll like...

Looking in the direction of "Le Fort De L'Ecluse" in France. The sun is starting to disappear below the horizon...
A pinkish sunset...
A few minutes later, it has gained in intensity...
The sun has nearly completely disappeared behind the Vuache mountain in France....


  1. Oh I just love sunsets and these are very pretty! I especially like photos 1 and 3!!!!

  2. Je suis toujours seduite par tes photos de ciels.
    Sais tu qu'il y a des primeveres dans mon jardin? Le pire c'est que tout va geler la semaine prochaine.

  3. quelles belles photos!! bises micky

  4. SHER: Thanks :-D!!!

    NAU-DEE: Thanks for the visit and kind comment, Nau-Dee!!!

    GRACIANNE: Merci pour ce beau compliment! Je peux le croire et c'est vraiment dommage car tout doit fatalement geler...

    MICKYMATH: Merci beaucoup, Micky!!! Bises.

  5. I love sunsets and your pics are beautiful ! Thanks ;)