Friday, January 5, 2007


A new year has started and I'm still very impressed by the endless beauty of the sky above my head. I cannot stop searching for great and dramatic cloud sceneries that will catch my eye and generate unique shots.

In order to start off the year 2007 in beauty, I'm sure that this collection of amazing skies will rejoice you...

A rainy October morning (not winter, sorry). The "foehn" was blowing, therefore the clouds looked so tortured...
The same morning, only a few minutes later...
The colors, fog, sky and mountain make me think of Ferdinand Hodler's (a Swiss Art Nouveau painter) paintings (see link).
Another rainy and foehny day of December...
A magnificent wintery sunset with clouds hailing from the north and bringing a change of weather...
A cold day sunset...


  1. Happy New Year Rosa and yr family plus the two adorable kitties. I'm back into WCB mode. Do you know who is hosting no. 83 this weekend?

  2. gorgeous.

    peux-tu imaginer — meme pas un flocon de neige chez nous ici et il est déjà janvier!! so crazy.

  3. J'aime ces petites pauses chez toi. Je passes moins regulierement car j'ai bien moins de temps a present, mais je ne loupe rien, je me rattrape quand je viens!

  4. Dark and quiet pics...thanks.
    I wish you a wonderful year full with sun and joy ! ;)

  5. Beautiful. Always beautiful skies you have.

  6. BOO_LICIOUS: Thanks, Boo_licious! THe same goes for you!

    BUREKABOY: Thanks, BB! Pas vraiment! C'est incroyable pour le Canada! J'ai vu aux nouvelles que les températures à Montréal devront encore grimper afin d'atteindre les 12°C :-&... Wild!!!

    CONFITUREMAISON: Merci, ça me fait plaisir de le savoir! Je suis toujours heureuse de tes visites...

    CHANIT: Thanks for your kind wishes! I also hope that this year will bring you only joy, happiness and fulfillment!

    ROSA: Thanks, I'm happy to hear that, Rosa!