Saturday, January 20, 2007


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Get working, then!!!

Maruschka is indeed very sweet and loveable, but sometimes, her affectionate ways can be very tiring and suffocating...
The fact is that she needs to be the center of your attention night and day, without a break.
If you fail to give her the caresses that she's asking for, then you can be sure that she will make a tantrum and rebel.
Rebelling, in black kitty language means dirtying the place or not letting you have a break, sticking madly to you.
At other times, instead of rebelling, she frustratedly eats as a replacement activity.
This "Jammer Tante (Yammer Aunt)" is a real character who can't possibly be ignored and not treated with respect and love, because she is the sweetest thing I've ever met!

(Black Cat -Pic by Unknown)


  1. I dunno about tantrums, but kitty looks so nice on the purple rug! Meow!

  2. What a beautiful cat, she looks so content sitting on the rug! I almost want to tip-toe away so I don't disturb her. I know what happens when you disturb a drowsy cat - CLAWS! :D

  3. It is only natural for you to be the center of attention Maruschka!

  4. Such a lovely kitty! The cat before Bonnie was "clingy" too, and it can be a nuisance, though adorable.

  5. Maruschka looks like our hero Chloe! She's furry purrty and of course she should be the center of attenshun.

    Fanks for joinin Weekend Cat Blogging this week too!

  6. Oh, she looks very content in this picture! Pretty kitty!

    China Cat & Willow

  7. KITIKATA-SAN: Thanks ever so much ;-P!!!

    KATIE: Thanks ;-P! In fact, Maruschka isn't that kind of kitty. She never bites nor uses her claws, so you can disturb her at any time because she doesn't mind at all!!!...

    DAISY: Muschki sends you her regards and thanks you for your kind words!...

    VICTOR TABBYCAT: Thanks for the kind comment! Yes, "clingy" cats can be a little annoying at moments, but they are ever so cute and loveable!...

    HOT(M)BC: I love such kitties, because they are unique!...

    SAMMAWOW-CHINA CAT-WILLOW: Thanks for the compliment ;-P! She is a happy kitty (well, I hope at least!)...