Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I would like to inform you that this weekend (February 3-4), Fridolin, Maruschka and I will be hosting the WCB #87 round-up...

To join the party, you just need to leave a message in the comment section without forgetting to give your permalink. You can also e-mail me ( the needed informations. I will then feature the link to your kitty picture on my blog.

See you soon!!!

P.S. By the way who will be hosting the two next WCB editions? Does anybody know? Thanks for telling me.

(Cat Party -Pic by


  1. Thanks for hosting this weekend's WCB! I'll be sure to drop by with my link. You can find the hosts/hostesses of WCB via this link (if that's what you were looking for) :)

  2. we are looking forward to your round up this weekend, thnks for hosting WCB :o)

    we got your WCB already posted:

  3. I might have left this comment in the wrong post, so I'm leaving it again just in case. Here's my addition to the WCB party:

    And thanks for hosting this weekend!