Tuesday, January 2, 2007


One of my neighbors is a woman of 78 with whom I have become quite friendly within the last three years. We like to speak about nothing and everything around a cup of coffee. With her there is no generational clash although we have nearly half a century age difference. She is a very generous woman. Sometimes, as her health problems are a bit limiting her, I offer my help if she's in trouble or can't do something. She is always grateful for what I do for her and always gives something in exchange, even when I refuse her offerings, but never succeeds to make her change her mind! A sweet person...

I have met her daughter a few times and I think that she is happy to know that there is a kind soul around who can "keep an eye" on her and come in helpful if something goes wrong (even though she takes good care of her mother).

So, to my surprise, Friday the 23rd of December, a delivery man rang my doorbell and brought me a special case...

Firstly, I wondered what he had in his hands and if it was a joke as I knew that nobody I know would do such a crazy thing. After I questioned him on the origin of this mysterious gift, I understood that it came from my neighbor's daughter. Wow!!!

It seems that she appreciates the things I do for her mother and wanted to thank me for my presence at her side.

That's a beautiful and touching Christmas present!!!

Here's what this case contained:
  • 500g Scottish smoked salmon
  • Salmon eggs from USA
  • Lump eggs from Danemark
  • A bottle of French white wine: Domaine des Buissones "Sancerre" 2005
Sometimes life offers it's fair share of positive and totally unexpected surprises...


  1. I'm not sure if my comment made it through - so better twice than none at all.

    What a wonderful gift and you are a terrific role model for others out there. It just proves that simple acts of kindness are worth more than gold.

    I wish you a wonderful 2007 filled with peace and joy, good health and whatever else you wish yourself.

    I'm glad to include you in my blogging "family".

  2. Tu as été gâtée... joli cadeau.

  3. Tu dois etre tres emue! Le geste est beau, tout le monde n'est pas reconnaissant.

  4. Not only does her daughter appreciate that you keep an eye on her, I'm sure your neighbour loves keeping company with you!
    Happy New Year!

  5. It looks luscious! How sweet of you to help her mom. I am sure it is quite a relieft that you are there.

  6. RUTH DANIELS: Thanks for the kind comment, Ruth! I don't know if I'm a model of kindness, but at least I've made a few people happy with my good actions! I also wish you and your family a Happy New year filled with peace, joy and happiness! I am very happy that you appreciate to have me in your blog family. The same goes for me!

    MAMINA: Oui, et c'était super bon!

    PAZ: They are very kind and nice! A very Happy New Year to you too, Paz!!!

    CONFITUREMAISON: Effectivement! Comme tu le dis, le geste est beau et ça surprend car on y est pas toujours habitué....

    RAMONA: It seems to be the case. I also love keeping her company... Happy New Year, Ramona!

    ROSA: It was delicious, believe me! I love helping people. I guess that it takes a weight away from her daughter's shoulders...