Wednesday, November 22, 2006



On Thursday the 23rd of November, most Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving.

It is also the occasion for all the non-American people around the world to discover a different tradition and for all of us foodies to rejoice at the prospect of collecting many yummy recipes for Christmas and New Year (or any time of the year)!

In order to help you choose a dish or find a menu idea, I have compiled a few links and recipes specially for you. During those festivities, you surely don't want you to be haunted by nightmarish visions, or depressed and stressed just at the prospect of cooking or baking, do you?! Well, here's what might make it all a little easier...

My Thanksgiving recipes:

Interesting Thanksgiving links:

I hope that you'll find something interesting whithin those lines...
May you have a very good time while feasting with your friends and family!!!

"Who does not thank for little will not thank for much."
~ Estonian Proverb ~

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  1. Tu es une vraie encyclopedie internationale Rosa.

  2. zut zut et rezut, j'essaie de traduire ta page mais je n'y arrive pas, en attendant,thangsgiving est une très belle fête et j'imagine un excellent repas en perspective.

  3. Merci pour toutes ces recettes. J'ai beaucoup cette fête familliale autour d'une grosse dinde farcie.

  4. Bon Thanksgiving, c'est mérité...

  5. Happy Yhanksgiving! Here, in Canada, our Thanksgiving is in October but my husband, who is working for an American company, is off on Monday and we'll have a 3-day week-end!

  6. wow rosa, recipe bonanza! LOL. gobble, gobble. thanks!

  7. si c'est des peintures, elles sont magnifiques!! mais je ne connais pas l'anglais! bises

  8. GRACIANNE: Merci, ça me fait plaisir d'entendre ça car c'est très flatteur :-D!

    TATYVAL: J'espère que tu es arrivée à traduire cette page... Oui, Thanksgiving est une bien belle fête et une bonne occasion pour découvrir des plats délicieux!

    HÉLÈNE: De rien... Oui, ça fait rêver!

    MAMINA: Merci, à toi aussi!

    RELLY: Thanks, Relly!

    PENGLOBE: Thanks!!!

    SUZANNE: Thanks! Yes, I've seen that in Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in October... Thanks to your husband, you'll be able to celebrate a second one this year ;-P!

    BUREKABOY: Yes, gobble, gobble 'till you die of an indigestion ;-p!!!!

    MICKYMATH: Dommage que tu ne puisses pas comprendre l'anglais :-(((... Merci pour ta visite et ton commentaire bien sympathique!