Sunday, November 5, 2006


For this 74th edition of WCB, our special and devoted host is Lalie of "Lalie Et Cie" from France. Merci for carrying this event and making things possible!

Do send her your permalinks via email ( or give them when leaving a message on her blog. Lalie is waiting for your kitty pictures...

Although, Maruschka looks all sweet on this picture, she can sometimes be a real DEVIL!
You already all know how horribly obssessed she can be when it comes to food in general, but you should have seen her this week.
She had entered her most extreme phaze of "Fressmania (aka gorge/eat mania)" and litterally drove me nuts with her "cinema"...
Our "Panzerfaust (Evil Tank, because she tends to move like one of those machines and has a "solid" body) was uncontrollable and totally mad!
I normally give them food at 16h15 (not one minute earlier or later!) and she generally starts to yammer at 15h00, when I'm lucky.
But this very week, our "Motzmamma (Yammer Mama) was already extremely uncalm at about 13h45 and getting very agressive vocally speaking (yodling)!
I had to close her in the bathroom for a good 20 minutes, but that didn't help and all the shooing or shouting in the world had no effect on her behaviour.
She really put me under a lot of pressure and I thought that I would end up "strangling" (only in my dreams, he, he) the poor little creature!!!
My nerves suffered a lot of stress as I had to go through the most disharmonious torture one could ever endure...

Naughty little kitty, come here so that I can give you a kiss and cuddle you! You know that I love you no matter how murderous my feelings are when you push it a little too far, ha, ha, ha!


  1. hehe, a swiss cat that yodels ;o

    my previous cats used to know EXACTLY what time it was for feeding. it was very uncanny how they seemed to instinctively know the time. they were as as good as any watch or clock.

    wow, 3 cats rosa! and i have my hands full with only 1 right now.

  2. Ha ha! Too funny! I know what you're going through, though! Kamikaze gets more and more agitated the longer his dish is empty and he feels like eating. I start off answering his meows with "what baby?" and move on to "Ah - SHUT UP!!" about an hour later.

  3. Ouf! Mes chats ne sont pas aussi horribles! You're sure she eats enough ;) ??

  4. Cats can be so demanding and persistant! It's almost like having a small child following you, saying: "IS IT TIME YET? IS IT TIME YET? IS IT TIME YET?"

    It's a good thing you love her so much! :)

  5. Quel beau chaton!!