Thursday, November 16, 2006


The other week, I baked a batch of "Pains Au Lait" (Milk Bread), an emriched bread which is halfway between normal bread and "Brioche"...

I love those little "Pains Au Lait". They are so delicious when eaten with your favorite spreads and perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch!

This time, I decided to give them various shapes (from left to right): snail roll, twist roll, traditional roll, bow knot roll...

If you are also willing to bake some of those heavenly "Pains Au Lait", then here's the recipe (click here). I hope that you'll enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. Certainement! Ils sont tres jolis tes pains escargots, le genre de chose qu'on est ravi d'avoir sous la main le matin.

  2. trop mignons, j'en prendrais bien un !

  3. ils sont tous aussi beaux
    bravo Rosa

  4. GRACIANNE: Merci! Oui, c'est tout à fait ce que l'on rêve de voir sur la table le dimanche matin...

    SALWA: Merci :-D! Je t'en offre virtuellement...

    COLETTE: Merci, Colette!

    BRIGITTE: Merci, Brigitte ;-P! A bientôt...

  5. Hi!

    I baked pain au lait last week too! Yours looks beautiful!

  6. I love your rolls, thanks for sharing this recipe with us , as I can't buy here CookBook like Eric Treuille's Books and other Bread books..

  7. IVONNE: Thanks, Ivonne! "Pains Au Lait" are so delicious...

    CHANIT: Thanks, Chanit :-D! Why can't you buy Eric Treuille's books (or other bread books)? In a near future, I will post more recipes from this book...