Sunday, November 12, 2006


It's "Weekend Cat Blogging" time again, yippee!!!

This week, our very special host is the incredible Skeezix at "Skeezix's Scratching Post". As usual, when leaving a comment on Skeezix's blog, you must not forget to give your permalink...

Like Maruschka, Fridolin is a very unique cat who has his own personality and never stops suprising us on a daily basis...
Apart from having a heart of gold, he is also a bit of a clown and is always good at making us laugh!
He is such a lovable soul.
Living by his side is an absolutely unequalable experience.
Fridolin possesses the gift of bringing light into our lives, no matter if things are not always easy, because he's always here for us and ready to contaminate us with his positive energies!...

(Grey Kitty -Pic by


  1. Fridolin is such a sweetheart - big smoochies from me to him. He looks a bit like my big boy cat, Kits. I love the heart pix of the cat's tail, so adorable.

  2. Love your picture of Fridolin. Cats do add love to our lives.
    The cat with the heart-shaped tail is very cute.

  3. hehe rosa! that pole looks like the one i used to have for my other feline friends a few years ago. they totally destroyed it. i wonder if you could use a hot glue gun to reattach a new rope. good scratching posts can be very expensive. better the post than your furniture!

  4. BOO_LICIOUS: He says thanks ;-D! Yes, they do have a similar face expression...

    BONNIE FROM VIRGINIA: Thanks! I too love that picture...

    BUREKABOY: Yes, Fridolin totally destroyed it, but I doubt that hot glue would be any good as the top part is already broken (it fell on the floor because the pole broke)!!! Cat trees are very expensive here... We are very lucky to have cats who rarely (never, even) scratch the furniture!