Friday, November 24, 2006


Tatyval of "La Vie Des Pignous" from France proposes us to show our "eating space/coin repas". So, you are all welcome to sneak a peek at my minuscule kitchen and the "corner where everything happens" (sounds mysterious, heh)!!!

A while ago, Mahek of "Love For Cooking" and "Mahek's Kitchen" from India had also asked me to take pictures of my kitchen, because she wanted to discover my "culinary laboratory"... So, Mahek this post is also for you!

I hope that you'll like what you see.

My kitchen is tiny and it is difficult to install a table any bigger than this one. But, it is nonetheless my favorite room in the apartment!
This kitchen is cosy, warm, comfortable and has a nice atmosphere (especially when the sun is shining)...
The view from that window is incredible and I guess that's what makes this place so special. without that view, it would just be another small kitchen!That's my Bosch oven and where I cook or bake all of my stuff.My oven and sink.
There's not too much to show as it's a dollhouse kitchen without much working space (a horror for a foodie like me!)...
What you can see from my kitchen window on a Sunday morning when the sun is letting it's first rays show from behind the mountain.
The small and big Salève mountains stand tall like two imposing giants which I admire each and every second of the day!


  1. C'est charmant et très lumineux! :-)

  2. Un endroit bien agréable" il vaut mieux un petit chez soi qu'un grand ches les autres" BISES et bon week end

  3. Salut Rosa
    Il y a bien longtemps j'habitais aussi à Geneve.
    Bien à toi

  4. Thank you for sharing your cute kitchen! You have such a beautiful view!

  5. comme le soleil entre bien chez toi.
    et la vue sur les sommets enneigés au petit déjeuner, un régal
    Bon, tu sais que si je montre mon coin ce sera différent :-)
    Promis je ne déserte plus aussi logtemps ton blog, sorry !

  6. I had a kitchen much like yours, but without the magnificent view. It must be so inspiring to look out the window every day. Thank you for sharing that, I think your kitchen is lovely. It looks so warm and inviting.

  7. I loved the little mini-tour of your kitchen and the glimpse of your morning through the kitchen window. I picture two friends talking over coffee at that window as they watch the day dawn.

  8. hey rosa, i saw parts of your kitchen in another post you did. while small, it's highly organized, i see -- and nowhere near the size of a new york city apartment like my friend has! the view, as you said, "makes the kitchen".

  9. ELVIRA: Merci, Elvira :-D!

    COLETTE CAYENNE: Merci! Tu as bien raison... Bisous!

    VERO: Ah oui, et où habitais-tu? Merci pour ta visite...

    CONFITUREMAISON: Thanks for the kind comment! Yes, the view is really wonderful...

    BRIGITTE: Cette vue est bien sympathique et je ne sais comment je pourrais m'en passer (sauf si je trouve mieux...)! Ton coin de paradis m'a bien plu ;-P. Pas de problème concernant le "désertage"... Tu sais, tu es libre de tes mouvements ;-).

    SHER: Thanks! It is very inspiring to look out of the window. In fact, the only thing I like about this apartment is what is outside ;-P!!! The kitchen is my favorit spot, although it can drive me bananas at times...

    ANNIEELF: Thanks for your visit and kind comment! It is that kind of cozy kitchen...

    BUREKABOY: Organized? Well, that's not what I think of it, but maybe I ask for too much, he, he ;-P!!!! Yeah, I'd love to have a New York city kind of apartment. The view is what makes it unique...

  10. I love your kitchen and especially your view! OMG! I don't think I would ever leave that spot!

  11. merci pour ta participation.
    Bonne soirée, c'est un endroit très chaleureux!

  12. thanks for the kitchen. Its so pretty view and even if its small - all the delicious recipes and breath taking pictures come from there. you are just marvelous Rosa :)