Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hey up folks, it's time for our Weekend Cat Blogging round-up, so be prepared to see many fluffy cuties!!!

This week, it is kindly hosted by Amar of "Cat Synth". As usual, to participate, you just have to leave a comment with your permalink or sent an e-mail with all the informations needed...

That picture was taken last Sunday...
Fridolin and Maruschka's drinking/eating area is their favorite "voyeur" spot. They both love to play the thirsty cats in order to spy on us and keep an eye on our plates when we are in the kitchen eating (or not).
Generally, they sit there like statues and are totally concentrated on each of our movements!
Ahhh, those food-obssessed monsters are incredible!!!
At least they are not always as "irritating" as that and they are able to forget food so as to practice their favorite hobby: sleeping and lazying around like two blobs...
Aren't they cute when they are cuddling and holding each other?!


  1. Aww, they are too cute sleeping together. They look like best friends

  2. cat cookies, anyone? LOL.

  3. Ils sont super beaux ! trop mignonne la photo ou ils ont la tete l'une sur l'autre :)

  4. Food-obsessed, I agree, my cats are the same, but they're not the only ones, there's quite a few other food-obsessed in the "blogosphère"!!!

  5. SARAH AND TIGGY: Thanks! They are best friends...

    BUREKABOY: Not in this house, thanks (unless they were bought, he, he) ;-P!...

    LOUPITI: Merci beaucoup!

    SUZANNE: Yes, cats can be food-obssessed, but we are the only ones who have the right to be so, he, he ;-P!!!!!...