Sunday, March 25, 2007


This week, Amar and the beautiful Luna at "CatSynth.Com" (USA) are happy to announce that they are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #94!

To submit your kitty picture(s), you can either leave a message in their blog's comment section (with your permalink) or contact them via e-mail without forgetting to give all the needed informations.

Fridolin is a very photogenic kitty when he's lying on the tree and looking proud like a little emperor.
He has a way of behaving that makes him the ideal subject, because he's so impassive and statue-like, yet so very sweet.
Not to forget that his gray tabby coat has magnificent swirling patterns and interesting colors which are eye-catching...


  1. Fridolin does look the most majestic up there. Such a beautiful kitty.

    China Cat & Willow

  2. These are lovely photographs of Fridolin.

  3. fridolin you look so regal up there. what are you doing up there? Are you looking after your kingdom?

  4. I love tabby stripes, particularly the 'M' on the forehead.

  5. Quel joli minou Minou!

  6. Fridolin is very elegant, indeed. And he does look rather emperor-ish!

    Artsy Catsy

  7. Fridolin looks so regal on top of his tree which he apparantly loves by the looks of the scratching post.
    Such a beautiful kitty...

  8. Gorgeous photos as always but I like the second one best. He looks so regal!

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  9. Hail King Fridolin! Can we pat yr majesty?

  10. Lovely photographs. I agree, does look majestic :)

  11. It's so sweet

  12. frido -- you are such a handsome big boy.

    we love your gaze, too.

  13. SAMMAWOW-CHINA CAT-WILLOW: Thanks ever so much!

    D: Thanks, D!

    LANNAE: Thanks! I am dreaming about my kingdom...

    KIMBERLY: Thanks, Kimberly! Yes, tabby cats are particularly cute...

    MA PETITE FERME: Merci pour ta visite et ton gentil commentaire!

    ARTSY CATSY: Thanks for yout visit and kind comment!

    BEGERED: Thanks for the visit and nice comment! Yes, Fridolin loves his tree...

    ARI: Thanks, Ari! The second is also my favorite...

    BOO_LICIOUS: His majesty accepts to be patted!...

    MONIKA KORNGUT: Thanks, Monika :-D!

    POM D'API: Merci! Bises...

    WHALESHAMAN: Thanks for your kind comment!

    EMILIE: Merci pour ta visite! C'est tout à fait vrai!!!