Saturday, March 3, 2007


this weekend, Lisa at "Champaign Taste" (USA) will be hosting our weekly Weekend Cat Blogging round-up...

To submit your kitty picture(s), you can either leave a message in her blog's comment section (with your permalink) or contact her via e-mail without forgetting to give all the needed informations.

It is very difficult to take pictures of Maruschka, because she tends to move every time you focus your attention on her.
As she is a cat who needs cuddles every time you walk by, who starts to cry and and move in your direction if you look at her, being able to capture a good photo of her requires a lot of patience...
Anyhow once you are able to make her pose, then the result is always interesting as the camera captures well her different expressions and moods.
Oh sweet little "Bouboule" (another of her nicknames, a diminutive for "ball"), you have a great personality and and an immense marshmallow heart!


  1. Gros câlins à Bouboule!

  2. Très jolie robe noire cette "Bouboule"
    je vais envoyer les miens

  3. What a beauty, with her arms all stretched out like that, and with the sun on her...

    Got your link; thanks!

  4. I love the expression in her eyes!
    By the way, my friend is a drummer in a band you might like:

  5. I love the expression in her eyes!
    By the way, my friend is a drummer in a band you might like:

  6. Oh, Bouboule with the most luxurious fur! Thank you for sitting still long enough for such lovely photos!

  7. Those are beautiful pictures of Maruschka! Love her fur!

  8. she's very beautiful, and i bet her black fur soaks up the sun's heat and she feels hot to touch!


  9. What a beautiful picture, and that scratching post looks well used! :D

  10. TARZILE: Elle te remercie!

    BRIGITTE: Merci, Brigitte! Bises.

    ASTRID: Thanks, Astrid!!!

    SHER: In fact she flirts with us! Sundance seems to be very sweet tempered. It is indeed a blessing and a curse to have a needy kitty!.....

    LISA: Thanks!!!

    RAMONA: Thanks, Ramona! Thanks for the link. Your friend's band sounds interesting! I'll check it out...

    KITIKATA-SAN: I, Bouboule, wish to thank you warmly for your kind comment!

    SAMMAWOW-CHINA CAT-WILLOW: Thanks ever so much!

    TABOO & WHALESHAMAN: Thank you! Yes, her black fur does soak up the sun's heat, how lovely!!!

    KATIE: Thanks! The scratching post is indeed well used, he, he!!!

  11. il faudra que tu m'explique ce que Week end Cat Blogging veut dire exactement ! il faut photographier son chat et envoyer sa photo tous les w-e ?
    alors j'ai hâte de déménager ( cet été ) pour avoir notre petit chat et enfin participer !