Tuesday, March 6, 2007


On February the 19th, along with other foodies, I was cordially invited by Rachel of "Ugly Fruit" to attend our first "Soup Swap" event held at her place in Geneva...

Rachel got the idea to launch such an event after having read about it on an American blog called "Soup Swap" and which is at the origin of this idea. That's how Switzerland also got to join the ranks of the crazy soup swappers from across the Atlantic!!!

All in all, 5 multinational people out of 11 brought soup (6 x 1 liter each). We exchanged our recipes, chatted a lot, nibbled a little and we even took a "Soup Quiz"!

The day before, Rachel and I baked "Curry Brownies" (recipe soon to come). I also brought some "Pesto Muffins" (recipe soon to come). Rachel supplied food (cheese, crackers, crisps, etc...) and drinks (red and white wine, a delicious homemade raspberry lemonade) for the "apero (starter/apperitive)".

So here's the list of swappers and their creations:

Alison (Northwest USA) and Halvor (Norway) had found a recipe on their favorite food site Epicurious and decided to share it with us all because it had delighted them when they tried it at home.

Their "Curried Cauliflower Apple Soup" (see recipe here) was very subtle and gorgeous. It had a sweet hint of apple, a spicy aroma of curry and a harmonious flavor of cauliflower. Very fragrant!


Rachel (Iowa, USA) had received some spices and a soup recipe from an Israeli friend and thought that it would make a great soup for the swap, especial
ly since she particularly loves chicken...

Her "Yemenite Hawayedge* Soup" (see recipe here) was very authentic, flavorful and pleasant. A real discovery!

* "Hawayedge" is a mix of spices from Yemen made with black pepper, cumin, cardamom, caraway seeds, turmeric, saffron and coriander and perhaps a few other spices.


Mélanie (France) loves to experiment with food and doesn't always like to follow recipes, so she made a soup with what she found in her refrigerator...

Her "Tomato Soup" was made with fresh tomatoes, onions, zucchinis and flavored with a pinch of curry powder and a dash of soy sauce (she likes both seasonings very much). This soup, somehow reminded me a little of "Bolognese Sauce". It tasted very fine and was perfectly well-balanced. A delicate and summery soup!


Enrique (Spain) who declared that he can cook a "Killer Paella", made a "Beet Soup" that resembled "Borscht".

For his colorful soup, he used leeks, beef cut into strips and, of course, beetroot. It had a very pleasant light taste and a nice fried flavor. Tasty and raffined!


I (Rosa) made a "Savory Banana Soup" from the Caribbean from a recipe I saw in one of my magazines.

A long time ago, I thought to myself "Well, that's very interesting. I'll have to bookmark it!". So, I thought that it would be a good occasion for me to test this soup...

If you are interested by this recipe, it will of course follow very soon on my blog...


Satu (Finland) chose to make a French soup from memory. She brought an "Onion Soup" which sounded very interesting. Unfortunately, I have totally forgotten to take one of her tubs (s%@t!), so I am in the incapacity to tell you how it tasted! But, I'm quite sure that it was delicious...


Once again, I wish to warmly thank our host Rachel for having invited us all and for always having great ideas!!!


  1. Quelle idee amusante. Ca change des rencontres ou on mange trop de tout, au moins la c'est leger.

  2. voilà quelque chose qui me correspond.

  3. super cette idée de rencontre autour de la soupe j'aurai bien aimé ça moi

  4. GRACIANNE: Oui, j'ai beaucoup aimé cette idée et notre rencontre fut vraiment intéressante. Lors de ce genre d'évènement, on ne fait que grignoter. Par contre, nous nous rencontrons aussi pour des soirées à thème(http://rosas-yummy-yums.blogspot.com/2007/02/foodie-potluck-dinner-party_09.html) et là on mange beaucoup (plus qu'à notre habitude), jusqu'à saturation!

    COLETTE CAYENNE: Je trouve que c'est une idée à développer. D'ailleurs, nous allons aussi faire un échange de cookies! Très prometteur...

    MOUNET47: Oui, c'est vraiment super sympa et très convivial!...