Friday, March 23, 2007


On Saturday the 17th of March, for the third consecutive year, the annual "Festival Du Chocolat 2007" took place in Versoix in order to honor the know-how of our Swiss chocolate makers.

The tradition of chocolate festivals started in 2005 (12th of March) in "Place du Bourg" square in Versoix, a small lakeside town near Geneva. That year, morethan 8,000 visitors had shown up. In 2006, the event took place in the "Place De La Gare" (in front of the train station) under a heated tent and attracted even more people (15,000) from many different regions and countries...

~ Versoix Lakeside. ~

This year, it was a real success and considering the sheer amount of people, a new record must have been broken once again (unfortunately I haven't found any numbers). Even early in the morning (9h20 am), the place was already chock-a-block full (the right expression...)!

~ Under the tent. ~
This festival is a must for anybody who loves chocolate and who wants to dream like a little child in front of the enormous display of goodies to discover, buy and to savor!

~ L'Epicerie De Châteauvieux from Satigny. ~
(Two following pictures)On the right, the renowned Philippe Chevrier.
I met up with a bunch of GOL people and chocoholics at the Geneva train station. After a very short lapse of time, we arrived in Versoix and started our visit...
~ Confiserie Rapp from Prangins. ~
More than 20 artisans (or should I say "artists"?) exposed and sold their products for our biggest pleasure. The Geneva chocolate manufacture Favarger had even opened their doors and a visits were made possible.

We started our visit in the tent. It was very difficult to know where to look, because there were many great stalls. I was very impressed by the wide array of different chocolates on exhibition! I must mention though, that not all stands looked as equally good. Some were very interesting and colorful, but others, on the contrary, were deceivingly boring, pale and looked very basic. For those, more efforts could have been done and that's really a pity. Such events are important and if your image is bad, your business will suffer from it...

~ Paganel from Geneva~
(Two following pictures)
Although, the place was quite crowded and there were free samples, things were calm, the atmosphere was good and the people were quite polite and not too pushy. Was it because of the soothing and mod-enhancing effects of chocolate on their character? Maybe...

~ Organic Cocoa Mustard by Céline Amann from Begnins. ~
While some confectioners were generous, others didn't offer much to taste, only tiny pieces of chocolate that were way to small to give any kind of idea on their product! Once again, business doesn't go in pair with being utterly mean, that's contrary to having a commercial attitude...

Amongst my favorite were Brocard Pâtissiers Chocolatiers from France, Pâtisserie Paganel from Geneva, Noz Chocolatier from Lausanne, Confiserie Rapp from Prangins, Philippe Pascoët from Carouge (Geneva), Philippe Chevrier's (chef cook) Epicerie Du Domaine De Châteauvieux from Satigny (Geneva), Jean-Claude Hochstrasser from Geneva and Confiserie Wenger from Le Noiremont. Their stands were beautiful and abunded with many gorgeous-looking creations and yummy "confiserie" items!

~ Philippe Pascoët from Carouge. ~
(Three following pictures)
~ Absinth fountain. ~

As I had only a very low budget, I bought only one little chocolate bar
which has nonetheless brought me a lot of pleasure. I found it on the Confiserie Wenger stall. It had layers of dark chocolate, apricot, waffle, giandujia and light chocolate. Mmmmhhhh, wonderfully delicate!!!

~ Wenger's apricot chocolate. ~
(Two next pictures)
Then, we visited the Favarger (see link) fabric were we learned everything about chocolate making and the different processes that are required. Upon entering, we were surrounded by an intoxicating smell of cocoa! I had never seen a manufacture from the inside before and it was a very informative experience.

By the way, I really recommend their chocolates which are just simply awesome taste- and quality-wise!...

~ Sébastien Brocard from neighboring France. ~
(Next five pictures)
After that, it was dinner time, so we bought some sandwiches and drinks, and we walked to the lakeside where we ate and talked a little about nothing and everything.

At about 15h00, we all went back home very happy and with our chocolate cravings fulfilled for a while (at least for the next half an hour!!!)...

~ Fish by La Bonbonnière from Geneva. ~

It was a very good day that I'm ready to renew next year!

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  1. I wish there would be a nice exhibit like this in MOntreal.
    All he beautifull chocolates makes me dream...

  2. Waouh, tout ce chocolat ! Cela me donne faim.

  3. Quand j'entends le mot "chocolat", j'accours. Me voilà donc mais malheureusement tes images n'apparaissent pas toutes. C'est peut-être mieux comme ça... j'en ai des frissons!

  4. Je bave littéralement devant mon écran.

  5. AWOZ: You don't get such events in Montreal? Yes, all that chocolate is dreamlike...

    DORIA: Je dirai même, très faim ;-P!!!

    MISS DIANE: Merci pour ta visite! J'ai réglé le problème concernant les images...

    HÉLÈNE: Je te souhaite bien du courage pour nettoyer ton coin bureau ;-P!...

    SHER: You are right. It was heaven!

  6. Tiens, mon commentaire n'est pas passé ?
    Je réitère donc ^^
    Je vois que nous avons les mêmes réflexions sur cette manifestation. Ca me rassure de voir que je ne suis pas la seule à avoir eu ces impressions.
    J'ai mis ton article en lien sur le mien ;)