Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Not very long ago, the awesome cook, Burekaboy of the great "Is That My Buréka?" (Canada) tagged me for the "Six Weird Food Fact About Me" meme. Thanks for thinking about me!

Let's hope that those revelations will not destroy my "reputation", he, he!...

1. Some people like to count their money, I love to do the same with my food! I'm a little bit like a squirrel who always thinks about his food, who is afraid of never having enough and who methodically stocks everything.

I don't feel relaxed if my cupboards are empty. The problem with that attitude is that I hate to use something from my precious "war stock". That's how I sometimes end up with food that is close to expiration and that has to be eaten very fastly before it rots...

2. I love glutinous food, but only when it's vegetarian. Otherwise, anything glutinous that comes from an animal freaks me out and puts me off!

For example, I adore glutinous rice-based food like "Kuihs" and also tapioca flour-based specialities, manioc, etc... Don't ask me why, but I crave such sticky, gummy and gluey textures...

3. I particularly love mixing sweet flavors to savory food. I tend to add some sugar to certain dishes!

This combination creates a contrast that my tastebuds
appreciate. When I stir-fry vegetables, I love to add a sweet element such as sugar, maple syrup, sweet chilli sauce or something similar. It just makes things taste better. Do you know why? Because sugar is a flavor enhancer.

In a more moderate way, the same goes with sweet tasting food. I like to enhance my bakeries with a pinch more sa
lt than what the recipe calls for...

4. I can't throw away food, unless it's uneatable or dangerous for the health. I always keep leftovers and use them the day after or freeze them. I refuse to spoil what has graciously been offered to us by Mother Nature.

I find that those who just dump their dinners into the dustbin act in a blasphemous way. Food has a value and we can't waste it. We must appreciate and respect what we eat as well as be grateful for what we have!

I always remem
ber hearing, as a kid, that "If you leave a grain of rice in your plate, then at the end of the year, you would end up with a mountain of rice."! That saying has marked me for life....

5. I sometimes get veeeeery angry when a recipe doesn't turn out the way it should (or mostly, the way I want it to be/look). I can get so red-hot with anger that I start to see red and explode!

It generally means that I will get "uncontrollable" (I'm exaggerating a little...) and will throw things across the kitchen, swear like a trooper, cuss under my breath, my heart rate will start to go up and I will foam like a dragon! In such moments, I feel like a "berserker"! Terrifying, heh!?! But, be reassured, no human being gets injured or has to suffer during my momentary alienation.

Well, in fact I'm a very nice person who cannot be aggressive with anybody else, but myself. I always tend to set the bar too high and over pressurize myself, therefore , at times, the cork pops and I get out of myself. I'm a perfectionist who can't stand failure. But, don't worry, I'm taking care of that problem...

6. I don't particularly care much for what has a "luxury" status (Champagne, caviar, oysters, etc...)...

I don't believe that what is considered a luxury is always very interesting. It is mostly considered in that way, because it costs a lot of money. Why should certain foods be "better" than others? Is there a reason apart from it's rarety? And does a speciality have to be fine just because it's rare? I don't believe so.

It is all just a question of money and of appearance (I'm speaking here mainly of the "high society")! I'm sure that most people who consume their luxury food do it only because it looks good to do so and not just because they love that kind of food. Why should everybody love acquired taste specialities such as caviar, foie gras or oysters (which are of a bizarre nature) when many people are disgusted by common goods such as liver, certain vegetables, (blue or strong) cheese, etc...?

Certain people certainly only love the taste of money!

But, don't get me wrong, I respect everybody's choice and can understand that certain people like those specialities, only because of their taste....

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  1. Et Rosa...à moi de t'inviter au mien ...

  2. i like your weired food facts! so amazing to read you!!

  3. Merci Rosa! Tes reponses sont weird a souhait! J'ai beaucoup ri! On en voudrait encore!

  4. dis Rosa...tu veux bien me traduire ton texte??? je dois donc faire un p'tit message avec 6 vérités culinaires c'est ça???

  5. There seems to be all sorts of memes going on lately. ;)

  6. HÉLÈNE: Merci!...

    LEONINE19: Thanks ;-P!

    CONFITURE MAISON: Merci ;-D! Contente de savoir que je t'ai faite rire...
    J'attends de lire le tien!

    RASA MALAYSIA: Thanks for your visit! You are right, there are many memes going on at the moment...

  7. hi rosa :) thanks for the nice mention and posting your facts. hehe, if we lived together we'd need another apartment JUST for storing food!!

  8. BUREKABOY: That'd be terrible for humanity, he, he!!! Such kinds of people like us are incurable ;-P...