Friday, March 16, 2007


There is no doubt that Spring is already here. The birds are singing very loud, the cats have started to fight, the flowers are popping up like mushrooms, the trees are in bloom, the grass is getting green and the first leaves are starting the appear!

It feels so good to see the awakening of nature and the coming of a new season...

The Call of Spring

"When spring begins
Again to light
Our happy world
With colors bright,

The robins all come
Back to see
How beautiful
The earth will be,

With crocus gold,
And daffodils
Lighting meadows,
Fields, and hills;

With leaves of green
And tulips gay,
And birds arriving
Every day."

~ By Norman Schlichter ~


  1. happy spring, rosa :) just as you're getting flowers we're getting a huge, and hopefully final, snowstorm!! great pix :D

  2. Moins éblouissant, le printemps est bien là chez moi aussi... mais ils annoncent la neige pour la semaine prochaine!

  3. toutes ces fleurs font plaisir a voir malheureusement ici on annonce le retour du froid sniffff
    merci a toi

  4. Hello !

    You manage an english food blog !
    Do you know A Layer Cake ?
    Just have a look and join us !

  5. Desolee de te contredire chere Rosa, mais il neigeait ce matin sur ma region, a gros flocons - je crois que ce sera pour plus tard...

  6. Vive le printemps, tes photos sont superbes !

  7. BUREKABOY: Thanks :-D! We may have flowers, but we are getting the last snowstorms before Spring settles for sure...

    MAMINA: Oui, le printemps et là et les giboulées aussi!!!

    MOUNET: Merci! Et oui, le froid est hélas de retour...

    BERNIE: Thanks for your visit and comment! I've heard of "A Layer Cake". I'll have to check it out...

    SHER: Thanks! Yes, it is very exciting!!! I'm also dreaming of summer vegetables and fruits...

    CUISINEGUYLAINE: Merci beaucoup! Oui, ça fait un grand bien...

    GRACIANNE: Le printemps est quand même là car les giboulées sont au rendez-vous (chez moi en tout cas);-P!...

    SYLVIE: Merci, Sylvie :-D!