Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Not long ago, I got tagged for this "Spring Meme" by Hélène at "Dans L'Assiette De Mademoiselle Charlotte Et Cie" from France...

It was quite a difficult questionnaire, so I hope that you'll enjoy my answers!

If I were a tree, I would be...
I would be a giant sequoia tree (sequoiadendron), because I find it very majestuous and impressive. It is one of the world's largest trees, a "living fossil" that has outlived the dinosaurs by 70 million years and was/is imbued by the Native Americans with mystical powers!

Thanks to my height I would be able to see far into the horizon. I would be wise for I would get/be very old (the oldest specimen is 3,200 years old!). As an evergreen, I would always look nice and never naked or poor. My habitat would be wonderful and I would feel very well in the middle of a National Park in the US...

... a bush?
I would be a wild blackberry bush...

Although this kind of bush looks uninteresting and thorny, it is nonetheless very combative (it is well spread) and offers a non negligeable quantity of wonderful little fruits.

Blackberries are delicious, tasty and have a beautiful violet color. They are delicious in any desserts and very healthy. A gift of nature!

... a flower?
I would be a white Calla Lily, because it is very delicate, pure looking and it doesn't need much to be beautiful!

I've always love
d those flowers for their photogenic and artistic aspect. They are incredibly well-shaped, nearly unreal. As they are very close to perfection, those flowers tend to have the power to make you enter a meditative state whenever you admire them. Breathtaking!

... an aromatic herb?
I would be Thai basil (bai horopa) with it's unique and delicate licorice/anise flavor...

It is so aromatic and fres
h! I love Asian (Vietnamese, Laotian Cambodian and Thai) food and this herb adds a wonderful dimension to any dish whether it is a stir-fry, a curry or a salad.

... a spice?
I would be cinnamon, but if I were a spice mixture I would be either curry powder or Chinese five spice powder...

Cinnamon is fine if used to flavor a sweet or a savory dish. It adds a real dimension to all recipes and it's fragra
nce is unbelievable. I love cinnamon!

Regarding curry powder or Chinese five spice powder, they are very tasty spice mixes that add a lot of character to any dish. They even go very well with sweet food (brownies, cakes, custrard, etc...)...

... an aquatic plant?
I'd be a violet water lily/lotus, because I love the serene atmosphere of ponds...

It is a symbolic flower in many cultures (Egyptian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Ch
inese, Mayan, Japanese, African, etc...). It represents abundance and fertility, the apparition of life within the neutral immensity of primordial waters.

Beyond this representation, water lilies are just simply magnificent and pure.

... a plant received as a gift or offered to someone?
I would choose the orchid for it's delicacy and perfect looks...

It is a no
ble plant that looks simple, but is in fact very rafined, exotic and detailed. They look nearly artificial and thus quite surreal. They don't fade or wither with the passing of time. Orchids remains forever fresh, in bloom and beautiful.

It is a sign of beauty, love and affection. It is such
a special plant that it can only be offered to people who count for you...

... a garden animal?
I would be a cute little hedgehog that eats the parasites in the garden (natural pest controllers) and works his way through the garden like a miniature pig!

This tiny mammal looks ever so sweet and innocent. I'd love to cuddle one of those adorable garden critters!

During the summer, it is a delight for me to hear their grunts and snuffles when they are out in the garden. It is incredible to see how an animal of this size can make such a noise...

...a season?
I would choose either Autumn/Fall or Spring...

Autumn is a superb season with it's lush reds, yellow and greens. A festival of sumptuous colors that always rejoice me! It is also the time of plenty and harvest.

Spring is quite similar to Autumn, in a sense, because it also marks a change and the end of a season. Who cannot love a season that announces the beginning of the warmer days and of nature's renewal? An exciting time!

I tag the following people:

(Sequoia -Pic by http://mariposa.yosemite.net)
(Blackberry Bush -Pic by www.wilsonsalmanac.com)
(Calla Lily -Pic by www.cjasper.com
(Thai Basil -Pic by www.tigerplaid.com)
(Water Lily -Pic by http://pnjwood.com)
(Orchid -Pic by http://flowerenthusiast.typepad.com)
(Hedgehog -Pic by www.hedgehogvalley.com)
(Cherry Blossoms -Pic by http://images.orblogs.com)

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