Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Once again, the sweet Hélène at "Dans L'Assiette De Mademoiselle Charlotte Et Cie" has tagged me for another meme!

Although I appreciate drinking wine, I'm not a big connoisseur, so I have tried my best to answer the following questions...

According to you, is wine more feminine or masculine?
I would say that wines are more masculine with sometimes
a feminine touch...

Do you prefer red, white or rosé wine?
It all depends on the seasons and the food...

When the temperatures are low, I will tend to drink more red wine. But when the summer is here, I'd rather appreciate a lighter and fresher wine (white or rosé) that will be chilled.

The choice of wine will also depend on the food that is served.
I am more attracted by red or white wines, though.

Do you prefer white champaign to pink champaign, or vice-versa?
As a matter of fact, I'm not really a champaign person as I find it a littl
e uninteresting and bland, apart from it's price (wink)! So, I'm quite incapable of answering that question, although I do think that the white version is more authentic...

I can understand that some people love Champaign, but this wine doesn't speak to me (or very rarely). In fact, I find that a good bottle of "Clairette
De Die" is more pleasurable. It is not as dry as champaign and is also a lot fruitier.

When was your "first time" with wine?
I don't really remember, but as I grew up in a wine-oriented family, I always was used to seeing wine. So, at a very early age, I started tasting the wine that the grownups drank. Generally behind their backs!

What is your best "emotional" memory with wine?
Er, that's a difficult one. I'd say any time I've been able to discover a good wine...

What is the best food association with wine?
When cheese and fresh homemade bread are accompanied by a fresh bottle of whi
te wine...

Your next wine tasting experience (real or fantasized)?
I don't know... I'd love to be in a beautiful bodega in Chili or Argentina, sitting on a cool terrace with an incredible view, under vines and sipping a delightfully fresh wine!

Who chooses the wine at your place and who takes care of the wine storage cave?
I'm good at choosing wines, but it's something that we do together. Regarding the wine storing cave, I live in an apartment, so there is none. Only a few bottles stocked in boxes...

How many bottles do you have on stock or in your wine storage cave?
Not too many, unfortunately. Maybe ten...

How would you initiate a young person to wine?

I'm not a specialist, but I'd make him/her taste a few diff
erent wines from different places and countries...

I tag the following people:
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(Red Wine -Pic by www.jaurewinery.com)
(Bacchus -Pic by Kakichev U. www.paintingsofrussia.com)
(Wine And Cheese -Pic by www.sancrispolto.it)
(Clairette De Die -Pic by www.caverosedor.ch)
(Maipo Valley, Chili -Pic by www.conchaytorousa.com)


  1. Thanks Rosa, I'll do my best!

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