Saturday, December 16, 2006


~ Hanukkah 2006, December 16 - December 24 ~

I have compiled a few interesting recipes or links for all of those who celebrate Hanukkah (The Festival Of Lights) or for anybody who is adventurous culinary-wise. May it help you in your quest for new recipes...

Have a happy holiday and eat well!!!

My Recipes:

Interesting Blogs:
Interesting recipe sites:


Outside, snow is slowly, softly
Falling through the wintry night.

In the house, the brass menorah
Sparkles with the candlelight.

Children in a circle listen
To the wondrous stories told,
Of the daring Maccabeans
And the miracles of old.

In the kitchen, pancakes sizzle,
Turning brown, they'll soon be done.
Gifts are waiting to be opened,
Happy Hanukkah's begun."

~ Eva Grant ~

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(Hannukah Cookies -Pic by
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(Chandelier -Pic by


  1. thanks for all those interesting links Rosa!
    les cookies bleus sont trop beaux, miam.

  2. nice post and pictures, rosa. thanks a lot! you always find interesting things.

    i hope you made some latkes for yourself, too!!

  3. mmmm. mark and i made a german latke like thing. hope he'll visit again and give me the recipe! i am a matzah ball fiend but i have to say, i've never tried making them from scratch. i'll have to give it a go. happy xmas and merry chanukah.

  4. I love this post, thanks. It's a nice holiday, but I can't fry any doughnuts.. nobody loves them here- BUT ME ! ;)

  5. BRIGITTE: Merci, Brigitte! Oui, ces cookies sont très jolis...

    BUREKABOY: Thanks for the compliment, Burekaboy! I haven't made any Latkes lately (too much running), but that will come soon...

    RAI: Yes, Latkes are super fine! I also love Matzah Balls. I really recommend you to make them at home as it's isn't difficult at all and you are free to do what you want with them! Merry Xmas, a Happy Hanukkah and New Year 2007 to you, Rai!!!

    CHANIT: Thanks so much, Chanit! It's sad nobody around you likes doughnuts (yummy!). Why don't you make a batch just for yourself?!...