Sunday, December 3, 2006


Another edition of Weekend Cat Blogging #78 has been launched!!! Weeks pass very fastly and it seems that I'm all the time posting pictures of my kitties!

D of "The Hidden Paw" from USA is hosting this week's WCB round-up. She is waiting for your contribution, so don't hesitate and either email her your permalink or leave all
the information needed when posting a comment on her blog...

Mr. Herr Gümpel (Fridolin) is once again under the spotlights and I might tell you that he has other things in mind than playing the star!

Fridolin is lying on his tree, but he isn't sleeping...
In fact, he is very attentive to what's happening on our transparent rooftop.
You might now ask me what he's exactly looking at.
Birds or pigeons, more specifically.
They drive him bananas and make him get out funny sounds; a real circus!!!

I bet he would like to be like this "naughty" kitty pictured above...
Seeing all those "chickens" walking just over his head must be a real torture for him, especially when he knows that a window separates him from the exciting world outside. Imagine that you, dear foodie, are forced to contemplate a dozen crispy roasted chickens without being able to have a bite of any of them.
You can't? Well, that's exactly what he has to go through.
Poor little tiger!!!


  1. aaahhhh, les oiseaux pour un chat, c'est un tel plaisir
    le notre les regarde depuis la table du salon mais il a un peu peur des kikiwis qui foncent sur lui à 2 ou 3 comme des avions :-))

  2. Fridolin, you look so gorgeous there, with your legs posed just so! Tell you mommy to get you a nice squab or rock cornish hen and roast it for you! You're the king of your domain, so you deserve it!!!!

  3. herr gumpel. hahaha

  4. BRIGITTE: Oui, ils adorent ça! Le pauvre chat. Se faire attaquer de la sorte par des oiseaux!!!

    SHER: Thanks, Sher! My mommy won't buy me any real meat, because she knows how picky and finicky I am! In fact, I don't like real food, but'm nonetheless a King wherever I am...

    BUREKABOY: ;-P!!!! It sounds good, doesn't it?...